Zero Gravity Recliners


The name may sound misleading but, of course, zero gravity recliners don’t defy laws of physics. Instead, they allow users to recline as far back as to position their knees above the level of their heart. In a position like this, your body weight is evenly distributed across the recliner’s surface. This helps to relieve stress in all pressure points in a major way. Thanks to this distinctive characteristic, zero gravity recliners stand out among other adjustable lounge chairs. 

Because of their unique ability to provide this feeling of weightlessness, zero gravity recliners have a very specific look. Sturdy frame capable of supporting the users’ weight in zero gravity position, unique curved silhouette and a reliable locking system are what these chairs are famous for.

Types of zero gravity chairs

When people mention zero gravity chairs, they might refer to various types of chairs that have significant differences based on their purpose.

Outdoor zero gravity chairs

These chairs have much in common with the chaise longue chairs you can see on patios or at swimming pools. Most of them are lightweight and foldable with a frame made of steel or aluminum and a durable fabric cover stretched on it. While they are quite capable of providing that unique zero gravity effect, these chairs are quite affordable and usually cost up to $300.

Indoor zero gravity recliners.

Indoor anti-gravity chairs stand out thanks to more solid, high-end design and versatile features. They often incorporate genuine leather, solid wood frame, and have a number of top-notch comfort features. Subsequently, these chairs come at a much higher price and can cost all the way up to $5000.

Massage zero gravity recliners.

This is a subtype of the indoor anti-gravity chairs that has electricity-powered features like massage and heating. Unlike other types of zero gravity chairs, massage anti-gravity recliners kick back automatically, often by using a remote control device.

Things you should consider before purchasing a zero gravity recliner


Considering the fact that zero gravity chairs recline all the way back, positioning your legs above your head, durability is a must, if you want to avoid any damage and injuries. Before you choose the chair that you think is perfect, make sure what weight capacity it has and whether its frame and base are made of high-quality heavy-duty materials.

Sturdy upholstery

Indoor zero gravity recliners come with a hefty price tag. And when you are making an expensive purchase, you want to make sure that everything about it is of top-notch quality. This especially concerns covers as they are under constant stress. Zero gravity recliners often come upholstered in genuine top grain leather and while this does add to the price, it’s also a great option because this kind of leather is durable, breathable and easy to clean.

Multiple reclining positions

A good zero gravity chair has multiple reclining positions, from upright to full zero gravity angle. What’s even more important, it must feel absolutely comfortable in any of these positions. Make sure that the chair you want to purchase has a reliable locking mechanism that keeps it in place no matter what position you are in.


No matter how innovative or exquisite of luxurious a zero gravity recliner may look, you should, first of all, make sure it feels comfortable for you. Consider the silhouette type, the base construction, the way you adjust the chair and how easy and smooth it is when it switches from one position to another. Does it really relieve the stress in all pressure points in your body as a good zero gravity chair should? And don’t forget about the padding: is it soft/firm enough to make you feel comfy?


When you are buying a costly chair like this one, there is no reason not to enjoy some extra luxury. Massage, vibration, heating, trays and cup holders, chargers and other extra features might come in handy, especially if you plan to spend a lot of time in this chair.

Review of the Zero Gravity Recliners

When you find that you are in need of all the benefits zero gravity recliners can offer but can’t afford to buy an expensive high-end piece, you might want to look for a chair like this. Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 has all the luxury features and comfort options at a much lower price. 

While it doesn’t look incredibly flashy with its vinyl leather color and plastic base, this chair proves to be quite sturdy. Besides, the faux leather cover will last much longer. At the same time, it’s fairly soft and nice to the touch.

One of the great things about this chair is that it will do everything for you. You only have to sit back and relax. It switches between three positions, including the true zero gravity position where you can experience the wonderful weightlessness and relaxation.
What’s more, it has lots of massage options and modes for your entire body. The L-track massage system allows the rollers to move along your body providing the best experience. And the airbags at your legs, arms and shoulders offer gentle pressure.

This chair is for those who want to bring some luxury into their homes, even though it might be a little pricey. Everything about it speaks of top quality. From contemporary ergonomic design to exquisite leather cover to hand-carved and hand-stained wooden base. 

It certainly looks appealing on many levels, albeit the price might seem a little too hefty. Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-420 Classic Manual Plus is more than just the eye-catching optics. It’s designed to offer the ultimate comfort. Hence the ergonomic silhouette and construction, as well as adjustable features (you can adjust the position of the footrest and lumbar support).

This is a manually controlled chair ( the level is under one of the armrests) that smoothly glides from one position to another and safely locks in each one of them. Thanks to its adjustability and ergonomics, the zero gravity position provides maximum comfort and pain relief.

Luma Zero Gravity Powered Recliner by Positive Posture looks just like your classic recliner chair but can offer a great deal more. Of course, this also means that the chair’s price is way above medium. But if you find that high quality materials and high-end comfort features are worth it, this might be what you are looking for.

The overall design and style look solid and classy, thanks to the classic rectangular silhouette, plump padding, and high-quality leather cover. There is nothing about it that looks unnecessary or overly fancy and, at the same time, the chair seems eye-catching enough to become a focal piece in any interior.

You might be surprised by the number of adjustable features this chair has. Multiple reclining positions, including zero gravity, are to be expected, but there’s more. You can adjust the footrest easily and independently from the backrest. You can attach or remove lumbar and head pillows. Finally, you can adjust the legs for maximum stability (each leg can be adjusted independently).

This is another zero gravity recliner on our list that’s at the higher end of the pricing scale. However, considering the quality and the set of features it offers, it might be cheaper than many similar chairs. 

Svago ZGR Plus Dual Power Zero Gravity Recliner has that distinct silhouette and construction characteristic of many indoor zero gravity chairs on the market. When you look at it, it’s easy to understand why this type of design is so popular with customers. It’s slim and sleek and will be an eye-catching addition to any interior. The cover is PU leather, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Firstly, because it looks superb and feels just like genuine leather. Secondly, because it’s even more durable than the real thing. 

This chair only offers two positions, upright and zero gravity. There is a remote controller you can use to recline it all the way back, easily and smoothly. 

Massage and heating features are a great bonus. There are multiple fixed nodes all over the chair to provide a relaxing vibration massage that, along with gentle heating, provide an incredibly luxurious experience in a zero gravity position.

If you don’t think you can afford a real zero gravity recliner or just not a fan of them in general, but want to experience that complete relaxation and stress relief that these chairs offer, this just might be a nice alternative. Fitnessclub Electric Massage Recliner is not a true zero gravity chair per se, but it can kick back far enough to provide that luxurious relaxing experience. 

It has classic shape and design with generous plump cushioning all over its body that looks and feels exquisitely cozy. But it’s not all about looks: this chair has a sturdy solid wood frame, durable and classy bonded leather cover and a heavy-duty steel mechanism that lets it accommodate up to 350 lbs of weight on a daily basis. 

It might be great for the elderly people and people recovering from trauma as it provides a smooth power lift feature that helps effortlessly get out of the chair with a single push of a button on your remote controller. Two-point vibration massage for your lower back is a great bonus too.

This chair is another example of a classic recliner chair that can give you some anti-gravity experience without being a true zero gravity recliner. It’s very affordable as well, compared to the high-end anti-gravity pieces out there, which also speaks in its favor. 

NM-101 Windermere Mega Motion Ultimate Power Lift Recliner isn’t incredibly fancy and doesn’t have the stunning elegant design features we can often see on more expensive chairs. However, it looks solid enough with its classic rectangular shape and its plump padding seems comfy. 

As should be expected from a regular recliner, it doesn’t offer the true zero gravity position that places your feet above the level of your heart. However, it kicks back as far as a fully flat position, which can give you an experience similar to that of zero gravity recliners.

It’s especially good to see something that many other recliners don’t have, which is an independently adjustable footrest.

Unlike two previous items on this list, this chair might look like a regular recliner at first sight but offers a great deal more. In fact, it can offer even more than most zero gravity recliners do. It has quite an impressive set of features and options and while all of this comes with a hefty price tag, it might be worth it.

In terms of design and aesthetics, Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-8500 Zero Gravity Recliner can please even the most demanding eye. It has this great combination of streamlines contemporary look and classic silhouette that will look appropriate both in modern high-tech and classic interiors. The performance tweed upholstery combines elegance and practicality.

While this chair can easily recline into the true zero gravity position, it can also go beyond that. It offers a unique ProZero mode that allows you to recline further back and lift your feet above your head. This position moves your body’s gravity center to your chest and significantly relieves pressure on your lower back. 

Another great thing about it is you can change your backrest and footrest positions both together and independently. What’s more, you can make the chair memorize your favorite adjustments so that next time you don’t have to waste time choosing the right settings again.

Quality massage zero gravity recliners that are also budget-friendly are extremely hard to find, so this option might interest you. With a price tag of just a little over $600, this chair looks like a great pick just for those who need to experience that zero gravity relaxation on a daily basis but can’t afford a high-end piece.

For such an affordable option, BestMassage Zero Gravity Massage Chair Recliner delivers on many levels. It might seem smaller and slimmer than most massage anti-gravity recliners but is, in fact, quite sturdy and solid. It looks great too, even though in its case, the manufacturer opted for synthetic leather material instead of genuine top grain leather.

The chair has a control panel built into one of the armrests. You can use it to switch from one position to another or to enable one of the massage modes. Speaking of which, it provides great and thorough full-body massage thanks to the L-track roller system that allows the massage rollers to move up and down along your entire body.

This is another massage zero gravity recliner that can surprise you with the impressive combination of price and features. In case you are looking for a zero gravity chair under $1000 that can offer relaxing full-body massage and other comfort features, this just might be the option you are looking for.

Even at the first glance, Real Relax Favor 03 Massage Zero Gravity Recliner looks like it can offer a lot of comforts. It doesn’t lag behind in terms of look either, with that classic solid design many massage zero gravity recliners offer. The only thing that differs this chair from more expensive ones is synthetic leather cover. This, however, doesn’t hurt it in terms of durability and practicality.

When you want to buy a massage anti-gravity recliner, you are looking for a full-body massage feature. This is exactly what this chair offers, with 8-point body massage, gentle airbag massage for arms, shoulders, bottom and legs, and foot roller massage. With the added lumbar heating function, this chair will give you the best relaxation.

Here’s another zero gravity massage chair that won’t make you break the bank. It will make you forget about your troubles and pain in no time, though. With the design and features it’s got, Ootori Nova N500 Massage Zero Gravity Chair offers great value for money. So if you are looking for something cheaper but unwilling to give up on your dreams about having a real zero gravity chair, take this option into consideration. 

Although it definitely doesn’t look bad at all with this rectangular design and snuggly padding, this chair is hardly unusual as far as aesthetics go. But while it might look very similar to hundreds of other massage zero gravity chairs, it’s what’s inside that matters.

And what’s inside is a sturdy frame and an amazing set of massage rollers and airbags that will make sure that the time you spend in this chair is the best ever. There are eight roller systems built into the backrest, independent footrest rollers and as many as 32 airbags all over the chair.

Zero gravity recliner FAQ

What is a zero gravity recliner?

A zero gravity recliner is a chair that has multiple reclining positions including that in which your feet are lifted above the level of your heart. This position allows for better stress relief and blood flow improvement. Zero gravity chairs got their name thanks to the chairs used by NASA astronauts during training and takeoffs.

What does zero gravity recliner mean?

This means that your chair can kick back into so-called anti-gravity position. It’s when your body is reclined far back and your feet are positioned up above your head. This position is proved to be highly beneficial for your body health as it relieves stress and tension in your muscles and joints, improves blood circulation and breathing and helps to relax.

What is the best zero gravity recliner?

In most cases, it’s the customer who decides which recliner is the best. The choice of a zero gravity recliner largely depends on your personal requirements and preferences. However, from all the recliners reviewed here my top pick is Real Relax Favor 03 Massage Zero Gravity Recliner. The reason for this choice is a great combination of affordability, comfort, zero gravity experience, versatility, and overall quality. This chair does it all: offers very comfortable seating, provides the ultimate comfort in anti-gravity position and also offers full-body massage and heating therapy features. Besides, while most anti-gravity recliner chairs are quite pricey, this chair seems surprisingly budget-friendly. This is one of the best value for money options on the market now.

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