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Choosing a new recliner or pair of recliners for your RV can make it the perfect place to escape your everyday life. Compared to any built-in furniture or couches that might already be inside of your RV, a new recliner can provide more comfort and personalized style.

However, finding the right chair to fit your RV that also fits your taste and your budget can be difficult. That’s why, with this review, finding the right recliner for your RV will be that much easier.

Review of Top-Rated RV Recliners

  • Reputable La-Z-Boy Brand
  • Requires 3” of Wall Clearance
  • Powered
  • Cup Holders
  • Reclining Sofa with Individual Controls

Who this is for:  This is best for anyone that wants a sofa to replace the couch in their RV but you want your new furniture to have reclining functions.

Why I like it: This reclining sofa by La-Z-Boy offers not only powered recline but has individual control for both sides. The console in between the two chairs remains stead to provide support for drinks stored in cup holders, etc.

The upholstery of this RV double recliner couch is a soft but durable leather-type in a dark brown color. It will clean up easily and be somewhat resistant to dirt, stains, and spills if they are taken care of sooner rather than later.

For the La-Z-Boy brand, the price of this recliner is also very reasonable. For the size, it’s a good value compared to other options. However, it’s also slightly larger than most RV side-by-side recliners so make sure you have the space before you invest.

  • Wall-Hugger Recliner
  • Loveseat-Style
  • Four Upholstery Color Options
  • Easy and Fast Assembly
  • Pre-Drilled Anchor Points

Who this is for:  This is a great loveseat-styles side-by-side recliner set. They come in several color options and are made for convenient install and cleaning.

Why I like it: Available in three shades of brown as well as grey, this pair of connected recliners will fit in just about any RV or camper at just 58 inches wide. The faux leather upholstery is durable and easy to clean. If you want to cover it, make sure you find something with a non-slip backing, especially when your camper or RV is mobile.

These are “wall hugger” or zero-clearance type recliners, so when you recline, they need to be about 3” from the wall. Pre-drilled slots in the frame provide easy to access anchor points. Other than that, assembly is a simple process of snapping the pieces together. The total weight is just 166 pounds and each piece weighs about 35 lbs.

  • Requires 12” of Clearance
  • Intended for “Slideout” RVs or Campers
  • Faux Leather Upholstery
  • Easy Assembly
  • 4 Upholstery Colors

Who this is for:  This is great for anyone that wants a more classic type of recliner for their camper or RV.

Why I like it: First, you have four upholstery colors to choose from. Three shades of brown and one grey. These are all in a heavy, faux leather with a high-quality polyurethane finish. They will be easy to clean as well as resistant to spills. They won’t attract any dirt, dust, or lint. If you take your RV or camper off the beaten path, these will make things that much easier for you to relax about.

Beyond the upholstery, these individual RV recliners are able to be anchored using pre-determined anchoring points on the frame. Each chair weighs roughly 96 lbs and comes in two sections. Installation is just a matter of clicking them together.

These chairs also swivel and glide some, though there is resistance and they are unlikely to move when your RV or camper is in motion. Fully reclined, each chair is 62 inches long. They need a foot of wall clearance, at least, to recline fully and not damage your walls.

  • Required Wall Clearance to Recline: 14”
  • Leather Upholstery
  • Comes Fully Assembled
  • Rocker Recliner
  • Easy to Clean and Disassemble

Who this is for:  This is a nice, single RV rocker recliner for anyone looking for a single unit with solid construction and leather upholstery.

Why I like it: First, this unit has the highest-quality leather upholstery. This means it is easy to clean and care for and with no special products needed. However, it may be sensitive to humidity and dryness, etc. This is important to consider on your travels.

For an RV or camper recliner, this one needs a lot of space to fully recliner, though it is a little less wide than other models. Depending on the layout of your RV or camper, this could be a perfect fit or a bit of a snag.

The leather of this chair is a dark grey. The construction is top-of-the-line, as you would expect from La-Z-Boy. It has a handle for reclining and you need to press the footrest back down with some force to sit up again.

  • Single Unit With “Modular” Style
  • 16” of Wall Clearance
  • Pushback Manual Reclining
  • 64” Fully Reclined
  • Interesting Stitch Detail

Who this is for:  This is a great RV or camper recliner if you have plenty of wall clearance and want one, two, or three units that can sit side by side and look well put together.

Why I like it: Not only is this potentially the most stylish model, it’s also the best value for your money, if you can afford the 16” wall clearance needed to fully recline. Of course, if you don’t intend to recline fully and you pad the wall behind you, you can cut down on this clearance requirement.

Fully reclined, this chair is 64” long, that will accommodate a lot of people at different heights while providing the most support possible. The armrests are also a radial style to provide full support while both sitting up and reclined.

This chair is easily assembled with the included hardware and comes in several pieces for easy installation. The recliner can then be brought into your RV or camper and secured to the floor by taking advantage of the chair’s construction.

RV Recliners 101

  • Replacing RV Couch with Recliners

Replacing a standard RV couch with recliners, whether they were made for RV use or not, can be a difficult undertaking. However, if you take it slow and make sure to measure everything several times, then you should be able to replace your RV couch with little trouble, though it will take some time and research.

Measure Twice – Accurate measurements are key to an easy replacement process. Not every RV can accommodate every recliner, let alone more than one. You will need accurate measurements of the space available. This can be done before or after you have removed the couch though you may be able to make easier, more accurate measurements after you remove the couch.

Don’t forget to measure your doors and any small spaces you may need to squeeze through as well. Getting the couch out and the recliners in the RV or camper may be the most difficult part. Check your clearance sizes as well as consider the size of the pieces you will be bringing in. Most of these recliners and recliner couches will come in several sections for ease of shipping and installation.

Remove the RV Couch or Built-In Furniture – If anything needs to be removed at this point, you should do that as you will need the room to install the recliners. This will also reveal any areas that need to be repaired before installing your new RV recliners.

Repair or Replace – Before installing your chairs or even shopping for them, you’ll want to make sure that you know the size of the space they will have to fit in. Completing repairs to any areas damaged or left exposed by removing the built-ins and furniture from the RV will ensure you can measure the exact space you have to work with.

Once repairs are complete and any rugs or carpeting are added, you should measure once more to make sure you have an accurate picture of the space you’re working with.

Decide on the Recliners You Want to Buy – Using the review above as a guide, choose the RV recliners you want to install. Remember that more than anything, size of the chair is most important. Construction is also important.

If you aren’t thrilled with the pattern or upholstery of a given chair, slipcovers can be purchased to not only protect your investment in the recliner but also give the chairs a new look.

When choosing the RV recliners, not only do you have to consider width and un-reclined depth, but you also need to know what the wall clearance needs are. All of the reviews here have included this wall clearance. It ranges from minimal for wall huggers at about 3 inches to a maximum of about 16 inches. While that may not seem like much for a living room, it can make or break an RV or camper layout.

If you have space to spare, you can always choose fewer chairs to make more space, or consider rearranging more of the RV or camper while you’re in the middle of this project. If you have your eye on something, there are several ways you could make it work in your space.

Install Your New RV Recliners – Installation may be a tight squeeze but it will be worth it once it’s done. Don’t forget that you need to anchor each chair in place and this may require additional hardware.

Choosing recliners made for RVs and campers is only one option. You can also just look for recliners and install them as you normally would, adding anchors to keep them in place, etc. It may take a little skill and ingenuity but this will drastically expand your options, especially in a smaller space.

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