Recliner Slipcovers


In order to pet-proof your recliner, you may want something that slips on and off easily just to protect your furniture from puddles of drool and sharp pet nails. These covers typically have strong straps that easily adjust and help you keep the cover on the furniture even when your pets are being rambunctious.

However, for leather furniture, a cover with this feature may not be enough. Even form-fitting slipcovers with multiple parts may sag and slip on leather furniture, especially if it’s made of genuine leather with any amount of patina. Vinyl furniture is also prone to having covers of all sorts come right off.

Below, you will find ten reviews of slipcovers that range from value options to what could be considered a second skin for your oldest, comfiest recliner chair. There are also three options from the full set in the small chart below. This allows you to see, at a glace, the best slipcover reviewed overall as well as the best pet cover and the best value you could get for a slipcover if you have a tight budget but still want something that’s comfortable and holds up well.

How to Choose a Recliner Cover?

When it comes to recliner covers, there are a few criteria you need to look at in order to narrow down all of the options.

Do You Want Full Coverage or Just a Cover for the Main Areas?

Do you want a cover that only goes on top of the furniture and that's easy to take on and off, or do you want something that's a little more form-fitting and looks like the original upholstery or a replacement of it?

Do You Want One Piece or Four?

There are three types of covers for recliners. There are covers that go over just the surface areas of the chair and attach with straps. There are slipcovers that are a single piece and cover the entire chair. And there are slipcovers that come in multiple pieces and provide a more custom fit.

What Type of Upholstery Does Your Recliner Have to Begin With?

Not all recliner covers are meant to be used with every recliner type. Just as some will be too small to fit, others will not be able to be used with leather or vinyl upholstered furniture as they will slip off or warp.

What Size Is Your Recliner?

Is It Overstuffed? Oversized and overstuffed recliners need larger covers and this alone will remove many options from the pool.

What Color and Pattern Do You Want Your Cover to Have?

Colors and patterns for certain covers are very limited. For others, you will have a broad selection. It's also important to keep the thickness of the cover in mind. If you choose a thinner cover in an off-white shade and the upholstery of the recliner it goes on it dark or even black then things may look a little off.

Does Your Recliner Have a Lever for Manual Reclining?

If so, you should note which side this is on and make sure there's a slot for it in the slipcover. If you choose a surface-only cover then this is not an issue.

Do You Want Your Recliner Cover to Be Reversible?

This is not an option you will find frequently but it is available.

Is Machine-Washable a Must for Your Recliner Slipcover?

Most covers in these reviews were machine washable as they are higher-quality and thicker covers on average. However, not all slipcovers or surface covers for recliners are like these. Some can only be brushed or washed by hand. Once you've considered all of these questions, you should have a very specific cover type in mind, as well as all the necessary measurements at hand to ensure any cover you purchase will fit within the given specifications of that product.

What Company Has the Best Recliner Covers?

Overall, Maytex (from reviews 5, 8, and 9) has the best full-coverage, slipcover-type recliner covers. That’s one reason there are so many of their covers in this list of reviews. Not only do they offer options that are great for any type, size, shape, or upholstery of recliner, they just hold up well and fit like a glove.

“Link Shades” (from review number 10) offers the best cover for just the main surface areas of the recliner chair or recliner sofa. These are great for people with pets as well as all furniture types, including vinyl and leather.

How to Use Recliner Covers?

Recliner covers come in three main shapes: main area covers with straps, single piece covers, and 4-piece covers. Each of these is installed in a slightly different way.

Main Area Covers

Main area covers have straps that can fit over and around your furniture in order to secure it. This is a relatively straightforward and individualized process.

Single-Piece Slipcovers

The one-piece covers slide down over the top of the recliner and are then worked over each piece, with any extra fabric being tucked down into corners and along seams to provide a custom fit.

Four-Piece Slipcovers

Slipcovers with several pieces are typically placed over the main section of the body, then the arms, and finally a cover is placed over the footrest. These covers provide the tightest, most individualized fit and are most likely to look “natural”.

Why Should You Buy a Recliner Cover?

A recliner cover can do more than just protect the seat of your favorite chair from everyday wear and tear.

Easy to Clean

Slipcovers aren't all capable of being put through the washing machine and being machine dried but many of them are. You can't do that with your recliner.

Protects Your Chair From Pets

Recliners with stiffer upholstery, especially leather and vinyl, can easily be punctured by the nails of a pet, no matter their size. Fur may cling to the upholstery as well and be a pain to clean up. The right recliner cover will not only be easy to wash but it won't hold on to pet hair and it will prevent the original upholstery from being damaged. It may even help prevent stains.

Makes Your Recliner Safer for Kids and the Elderly

If your recliner or reclining couch is upholstered with a slick material, it can be a small hazard to small children and the elderly. Many slipcovers are anti-slip and will help everyone remain seated and help prevent falls and other accidents.

Prevent Scratches, Tears, and Fading

Want to prevent damage before it happens? Happen to be storing your furniture where it might be in danger of damage? A more durable cover, or a cheap slipcover, can help keep the original upholstery looking brand new in many situations.

Change of the Look and Feel of a Chair

Want your recliner to match the new paint in your living room? Or maybe you want to move your favorite rocking recliner to your child's nursery and have it match the décor. In either of these cases, a slipcover can get the job done.

Save Money of New Upholstery

Does your chair have a tear or is the bonded leather beginning to peel? Rather than get it reupholstered or spend hundreds on a new chair, why not get a cover? A thicker cover will make it so your chair looks like new and any damage is covered up. Even if the vinyl has cracked or the cushion was exposed, the right cover can make it so you don't feel a thing.

Add a Pocket

A pocket on your recliner may be the only thing it's missing. With a pocket, it would be the perfect place to spend hours of time. Now you can have one for a small investment and make your chair that much more comfortable, too.

Review of the Recliner Slipcovers

Who this is for:  If you would like a thicker, padded cover that is relatively easy to remove and wash, this is a good choice. It’s also good for anyone who may want to change things up on occasion, given how easy it is to reverse.

Why I like it: This cover goes over all main surfaces of your recliner, loveseat, or reclining sofa. It shields them from damage, crumbs, and spills as well as pet hair and messes. The cover comes in 14 fabric and design options and is fully reversible.

When it’s time to wash this recliner cover, all you need to do is run it through the washing machine and then use the dryer to dry it. You can also use this cover on a lift chair, which is not always possible with more form-fitting recliner covers. The thicker straps help prevent this cover from slipping off or losing the right coverage and shape. However, it is still not highly recommended for use on leather or vinyl furniture.

This cover is not waterproof or water resistant, though it is fairly thick and absorbent in order to help prevent spills and other liquid messes from reaching your furniture.

Who this is for:  If you want a slipcover in a neutral color that can stretch over a chair in order to cover up existing upholstery, this is a good temporary choice.

Why I like it: This is great for a chair that isn’t going to be used every single day, or a slightly larger averaged sized recliner with stiff upholstery underneath. The cover is relatively thin and has a lot of stretch. It’s easy to wash and dry in a washing machine, though hand drying is recommended.

This cover will fit a variety of recliners and may seem a little large until you tuck the excess fabric down and around any cushions and seams. The fabric itself seems to have quite a bit of traction and would make certain pieces of furniture less slippery.

This cover is easy to slip on and has simple directions. There is a pocket added to one side for convenience.

Who this is for:  This slipcover comes in one piece and offers specific options for certain models of reclining furniture. If you have a larger, overstuffed, or oversized recliner then this cover was made with your needs in mind.

Why I like it: This is a good option for a larger recliner. The cover has a bit more stretch to it than the average slipcover, without being enough to cause sagging or wrinkles over the course of the day. The material will keep your furniture safe from pets, crumbs, and messes without trapping pet hair or dirt like some other covers might.

Multiple color options are available, all in the same subtle stripe pattern. The slipcover, being only one piece, is the simplest to slip on and off, though it may require two pairs of hands if you have larger furniture.

If you’re using these covers to update an entire room full of furniture, then this brand offers matching options for all types of seating. This is also a good option for many lift recliners. Not recommended for leather or vinyl upholstered recliners or recliner sofas.

Who this is for:  If you want the easiest slipcover to slide over your recliner, this is it. This has the most Spandex of any of the slipcovers in this set of reviews.

Why I like it: This cover is light in color, doesn’t attract or trap pet hair, and is machine washable and able to be dried, on low, in a machine as well. This cover is also very easy to slip onto your recliner as it’s all one piece and has twice as much Spandex as other options.

Though this fabric has more stretch, it stretches in a slightly different way and tends to stretch “slower” and maintain its shape better over time. This is one of the few covers that looks natural on a recliner, more like new upholstery than a cover. Fits larger chairs as well, including overstuffed and oversized recliners.

This type of chair cover should never be dried on high, ironed, or bleached. Doing any of these things will cause the elastic to break down and the cover to show signs of wear, wrinkle, or sag on your furniture with minimal use.

Who this is for:  This is a great option for those that want an extra plush, warm, comfy cover on their favorite chair.

Why I like it: This is a four-piece recliner slipcover. It has a soft, knitted texture and plush waffle pattern to add extra softness to any recliner. There is a small slot on the side for the handle of the recliner to poke through. A pocket has also been added to the left arm cover.

Multi-piece slipcovers, like this one, tend to have a more snug fit all around the chair due to how they can be adjusted. Installation is simple and the instructions that come with this recliner are easy to follow. Each piece is also labeled on the seams for convenience. This way you should have no trouble telling the right arm cover from the left arm cover right away during initial installation or after washing.

There are seven colors to choose from and this cover fits chairs up to 36” wide in the back and 40” wide at the front or footrest area. This is a good size as most recliners have a larger footrest than back. If the back is just as wide as the footrest, it might lead to sagging. With this cover, that issue is avoided.

Who this is for:  This is a 4-piece recliner cover that works just as well on slippery upholstered furniture, like leather and vinyl, as well as any other type of upholstery. If you’d like to try a fabric recliner, or just need to protect your leather furniture, this is a great option that will hold up to your needs.

Why I like it: This recliner cover holds its shape. Not only does it have a good amount of Spandex, but all of the corners are also reinforced with extra elastic, helping the cover hold tightly to the chair it’s installed on. The cover comes in four sections: one for the body of the chair, one for the footrest, and one for each arm. This makes installation simpler and can usually be done by yourself.

No matter which of the five colors you choose, this cover is machine washable and will hold its shape well over time. Just make sure to empty the side pocket before washing. There is also a small, discrete hole for a lever to come through if your chair has one. If not, the area is hardly noticeable. The fabric is also soft and textured.

Who this is for:  This is a cover that has just enough stretch for installation but that won’t sag over time. This is a slipcover very similar to the option reviewed just above but with a different texture and slightly less Spandex.

Why I like it: This is a slipcover that’s meant to stay in place and that easily accommodates a non-slip underlay if needed. The pattern is a unique, intricate design available in a tan or dark brown color. This recliner slipcover is 4 pieces and installs easily with only one person in most cases and the fabric is easy on your hands, even when you pull to stretch it. It fits a standard-sized recliner and is not recommended for extra large furniture, though it could work well for petite-sized models. If you do love the fabric of the cover and want to put it on an oversized or overstuffed recliner, you can do so but there may be a gap in the back. If your recliner is a wall hugger model, this may still work out for you.

There is a pocket on one side as well as a small opening for the recliner handle that blends in if not needed. The fabric is somewhat plush but also study. The short fibers of the pattern repel rather than attract dirt and pet hair. It is easily cleaned with a brush or soft cloth as well as machine washable.

Who this is for:  As you may have seen in the smaller chart above, this recliner cover is best for anyone with pets. Of course, if you want a cover that’s less permanent and easier to remove, this could work well for you with or without pets.

This is also one of the best covers for leather furniture. The anti-slip backing and elastic straps make it much more likely to stay in place and prevent wrinkles than any other cover on this list. Those are two features that will help keep your leather furniture scratch free as long as this cover is one it.

Why I like it: First, this chair covers is easy to put on and off. You will have to adjust the straps a little and may need to lift some cushions, but you won’t need to lift up your furniture or crawl around it to get this cover to fit just right.

MicroSuede, the material used to make this cover, is naturally stain and spill resistant. If you get to the mess in time, you can easily mop it up before it seeps into the padding of this soft cover. If you get to it a little later, not to worry. This cover can easily be tossed in the washing machine and come out looking like new. This is a material stains will rarely stick to.

Not only do you get all of those benefits when it comes to cleaning, but this cover also has a non-slip backing that will help it stay firmly in place and keep it from slipping. You can use the reclining feature, let your pets lounge on the sofa, or even sit down and stand back up dozens of times in a day and the cover will likely not budge an inch if the straps are also secured firmly.

You can purchase this cover for a recliner, a recliner couch, or even as a reclining loveseat cover. No matter which option you choose, it will protect your furniture from pet scratches and accidents as well as any other unfortunate thing that could happen to your furniture, leather or otherwise.

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