Oversized Recliners


Given that there isn’t a “standard” for what makes a recliner oversized, you’ll see a wide range of sizes for these types of recliners. They also come in a variety of fabrics, may be electric or manual, and may rock or swivel.

Oversized recliners can be great for anyone that happens to be bigger or taller than average. Sometimes regular chairs are simply too small. These can also make a great “day bed” or be the perfect place to take a nap due to their large size.

If you have pets, these oversized recliners make it much easier to have them sit next to you. If you sit for longer periods, these larger chairs could also help you change position more frequently. This is helpful if you are dealing with an illness or injury.

No matter the reason you’re looking for an oversized recliner, the following reviews will help you find the recliner you need. I’ve rounded up the best recliners in a range of fabric types and with a variety of different features.

Below, you’ll find oversized recliners covered with leather, faux leather, microfiber, and more traditional fabrics. They will be lever-activated manual types, pull-tab manual types, or even electric or powered recliners. Several options also allow you to rock, swivel, or both.

The table above will show you, at a glance, the top three oversized recliners I reviewed out of all 10.

If you’d rather look at a broader range of options, the details of all 10 oversized recliners I’ve reviewed are below. Here you can see what they’re made out of, if they happen to be a rocker recliner, and if they’re manual or powered. What type of manual reclining mechanism (tab or lever) is also noted.

What is the Best Consumer Rated Oversized Recliner?

Determining the best consumer rated oversized recliner is a bit difficult as the number of places to rate recliners is so large. However, several of the recliners mentioned in this review have high-rated customer reviews.

Determining the best oversized recliner for you, personally, depends on more than just a great rating, too.  For example, if the highest rated oversized recliner only came in cream and was made of microfiber, would that work for you? If you have pets or children, it’s unlikely that that would be the best option for you.

Instead of looking at customer rating alone, it may be better to narrow down the criteria you want for your recliner. It may be a good idea to consider the following questions.

  • Do You Want a Manual or Electric (Powered) Recliner? Manual chairs can be convenient because you don’t have to plug them in but they can also be difficult to use as an oversized chair requires a lot of force to return to its non-reclining position.
  • What Type of Upholstery Would Work Best for You? Do you need something stylish or easy to clean?
  • Do You Need a Rocking Function? If you do, that narrows down your options quite a lot.
  • Would Glide or Swivel Features Appeal to You? Some chairs glide forward and back, similar to a rocking function. For some, this makes them easier to get out of or into, especially for those with hip issues. Swivel features can make it easier to reach certain things in your direct vicinity without having to get up.
  • Would The Addition of Heat or Massage Make Your Recliner Even Better? Though this is rare to find in an oversized recliner, these options are available.
  • Do You Want to Be Able To Place the Chair Against a Wall? A chair with a zero clearance can be set right against a wall. These are frequently offered by Ashley.
  • Does Color Matter or Will You Be Turning to Covers? As described below, covers can be a considerable investment but do greatly increase your options.

How to Style an Ugly Oversized Recliner?

It’s hard to argue that, even though oversized recliners are supremely comfortable, they are the most stylish options. So how should you go about making your oversized recliner look just a little less like an eye-sore in the middle of your living room?

Rely on Pillow, Throw Blankets, and Slip Covers

Want to slim down a recliner? Make a sturdy slipcover. Want to cover up some boring neutrals or add a splash of color? Slipcovers or blankets. For any and all reasons, slipcovers are your new best friend.

Choose a Sofa or LoveSeat Style Oversized Recliner

Yes, this may be avoiding the issue a bit. But if it doesn't look so much like an “ugly” recliner you won't have to spend so much effort covering it up.

Hide The Chair

Again, avoiding the issue. It's difficult to style something so large so you might just want to set them aside in an area with, say, a decorative room divider. One part of the room for company, the other part for pure comfort and relaxation.

Embrace the Puffiness

One of the main reasons chairs like these are seen as ugly is because they are so puffy. Yes, it's what makes most of them so comfortable but it can be a monumental task to design around. What do you do? Allow the puffiness to become the center of attention. Add other elements. Like a tufted coffee table. You can make this work.

Hide Them in The Darkness of a Home Theater

Have a Basement and a big TV? Problem solved. If no one is really looking at your recliners, or they're already a dark color, you won't have to worry about styling them too much.

Embrace the Humor

Choose throw pillows that address the issue. “Yes, I Know This Chair is Ugly” Cross-stitched on the front, etc. Sure, it's a little kitschy but in the right room, it can be cute.

How to Make a Slipcover for an Oversized Recliner?

In order to change the style of an oversized recliner, knowledge of slipcover construction is a must. The good news is that making a slipcover for an oversized recliner is not that different from making one for any other piece of furniture, and in this case, that means any other type of recliner.

However, you will need to make sure you have enough room in your budget for a lot more fabric. It will also take quite a bit of time. Knowledge of zippers and other fastenings may also be helpful. If you happen to have a cheaper sewing machine but intend to sew “upholstery” fabrics I would advise that you don’t. You will break needs and this could be hazardous to your health. If you do want to go ahead with this even though it is not recommended, make sure you have plenty of spare needles and wear eye protection at the least.

Making a slipcover for an oversized recliner is relatively simple. Just make sure you have enough time as it may take well over 12 hours to construct your first slipcover. It may be best to work on this in planned shifts and when you have some time to yourself in order to concentrate.

First, know that you will need to make a variety of different covers. The main part of the recliner (the back and seat), then the footrest, and one for each of the arms. For an oversized recliner, you will need between 7 and 9 yards of fabric in total. More if you are planning to add ruffles or fabric ties.

You will need a variety of sewing tools and if you have no sewing experience, now would be a good time to get a quote from someone that has done this before. Have all of the tools you could ever need already? Then move on to creating your pattern. This step is going to vary completely for every oversized recliner out there. You can modify an existing recliner pattern, but as an oversized recliner, you will have to adjust for size.

If you need a cover in a pinch, you can use a large blanket or sheet that’s been tucked into the spaces between the arms, back, and footrest of the oversized chair.

How Do I Put the Footrest Down on a Simmons Oversized Recliner?

In order to put the footrest down on a Simmons oversized recliner or any other recliner that is a manual style, you will need to press down with your legs until the footrest “latches” back into its original position. Oversized recliners also require more force to do this.

With certain chairs, like those made by La-Z-Boy, you can adjust the tension in the chair to make this easier to do. With other chairs, like those manufactured and designed by Simmons, the tension cannot be adjusted and is somewhat difficult to get used to.

However, it may prove to be impossible for some people, especially those that are shorter or have leg-related health issues to do this while sitting in an oversized recliner. If that describes you, or you are having difficulty because of the size of the chair or tension, you can also press the footrest down with your arms until it is flush with the chair and “latches”. The latch should be audible.

If you do not hear a latch or the footrest comes up on its own, something in the reclining mechanism may be bent or broken. It may be a good idea to inspect the underside of the chair to see if both sides of the metal frame match and look to be in good condition. If there are discrepancies, you will need to contact the manufacturer of your chair and report to the manufacturer.

Review of the Oversized Recliners

Who this is for: This is a great chair for couples that want to sit together, tall individuals, or anyone who wants to sit with their pets. It’s especially accommodating for larger dogs.

Why I like it: This is a nice, plain, oversized recliner from a great manufacturer. If you aren’t thrilled with the available colors or fabrics, this chair’s simple design would make it very easy to create a slipcover for.

This recliner doesn’t recline “fully” but only to a certain angle. For some people, this may be considered a drawback but others see it as a nice “safety” feature. It has a 300-pound weight limit per chair. The microfiber upholstery is fairly easy to clean but it’s important to keep in mind that microfiber is also very absorbent, so if you have frequent spills or expect other liquids could get on this chair, you may need a cover.

Some assembly is required when you first set up the chair. The size of the chair makes having an extra set of hands nearby helpful but not necessary.

Who this is for: Anyone that wants an oversized recliner that is powered for either convenience or health reasons. It’s also great for anyone that wants to come home, sit down, and watch TV or browse the internet on their phone while it charges.

Why I like it: The USB port in this recliner is incredibly useful and a very unique feature. It comes in a deep brown color and with an optional swivel feature.

For an oversized recliner, this is an “extra wide chair” perfect for a person that needs a little extra room or wants to sit with a loved one or pet. The width of the seat and footrest is about 34”. However, this is not also an “extra long” recliner. It will comfortably fit someone up to six foot but not much more.

The material this chair is made out of is high-quality and will last some time. It’s made by a reputable manufacturer as well. If you have any problems with your chair, they’ll come through for you.

Who this is for: This is a sleeker oversized recliner made of real leather. If you prefer a manual recliner but have difficulty reclining in other models, this one may suit you as you can adjust the tension in the back and leg rest, making it easier to recline if you need to.

Why I like it: Again, the style of this recliner could be both bold or classic. It will fit with many different room styles or furniture sets. Even if you don’t typically like the look of recliners, this may change your mind about them. Further, it comes in a nice crimson red or chocolate brown.

One thing to keep in mind is that the tension levels are adjustable and you will want to adjust them as they come at a level that could make it quite difficult to recline for the average person. This process is very easy and should require no tools unless you need to amplify the strength of your hands.

This chair is very comfortable and has high-quality upholstery and padding rather than plentiful padding. This provides a sleek, non-bulky look while still offering lumbar support and enough cushion to stay comfortable for hours.  

One thing to note is that there is a small open space between the chair and the footrest. This is only about 4-5” but it could be large enough for pets to crawl inside.

Who this is for: This is for anyone who wants a chair that’s a good value and comes with every feature imaginable in a recliner.

Why I like it: This recliner is “oversized” due to its high weight limit and slightly wider than average seat. It can hold up to 440 lbs safely and has a solid wood construction with high-density padding. The headrest can be adjusted independently of the chair, in any position.

The massage and heat functions are not the best quality but they are a good value for this type of chair. What stands out is how sturdy and well-made the chair is overall. Assembly and adjustments are easy, as is reclining whenever you need to or putting the chair back into its original position.

Who this is for: This is a chair that’s relatively inexpensive but doesn’t look it and perfect for anyone that has a budget they need to stick to but wants a chair that will go well with their current living room set.

Why I like it: This oversized recliner by Artum Hill comes in black or brown and has a nice-looking, white stitching detail. The reclining function is a  manual tab type. Set up and assembly are both easy and require no tools. The pieces simply slide together and lock in place.

Built to be extra-comfortable, this oversized recliner has pillow-top armrests and is upholstered with a faux-leather fabric that is easy to clean. The weight limit is 250 lbs and this chair needs a clearance of at least 9 inches from the wall to fully recline. Though this is a wider than average chair, it is, like many others, not particularly long for an oversized recliner.

Who this is for: If you want a very plush recliner with soft fabric and plan to just sit or sleep in this oversized recliner, it would most likely be good for you.

Why I like it: This is a very soft recliner. It has a sturdy rocker and a manual “pull tab” reclining feature. The color is a unique, very dark brown and the material is incredibly soft though does tend to attract a lot of fuzz and debris. If you have pets, you will need a cover in order to keep this recliner in good shape.

Assembly is simple, though may require both basic tools and assistance. The safe weight limit is only 250 lbs, which is surprising given the size of this oversized recliner. The weight limits for the sofa and loveseat options are appropriately larger.

Who this is for:  If you want an oversized recliner that is easy to assemble and care for while still being one of the widest available, this is a great option. This is also one of the longest full-recline lengths in this review at 70” and just under 6 feet.

Why I like it: This oversized recliner comes in a plush, overstuffed-like style with plenty of extra padding. It’s easy to recline with a push-button powered reclining function. If you have any leg-related medical issues or weakness, this can be incredibly helpful. It’s also just plain convenient.

The faux leather looks good and is more durable to things like pet paws and holds up better to scuffs than a “real” leather recliner would be. It’s also that much easier to clean.

The seat is reinforced with metal under all that padding, too. This is what makes it such a great choice for seating multiple people and pets or just as a reminder of how durable this oversized electric recliner is.

This recliner is, however, not to be compared directly with the “Hogan” model from Ashley furniture mentioned above. While this is a nice oversized recliner, it still doesn’t quite meet the quality of that other model.

Who this is for: If you want a large chair with plenty of padding that won’t deflate two weeks after you get it, this may be the perfect chair for you.

Why I like it: The style of this chair, with the faux leather and stitching, is a bit modern even with the overstuffed arms and cushions. It’s plenty wide and allows for two average-sized people to sit in it comfortably, as it is a “cuddler” style. The seat itself is a little over 32” wide.

One thing to note is that this is a manual recliner and a very large one. That means you will need quite a bit of power to get the leg rest to go down and even more to get it to stay down. The tension is not adjustable.

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