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Even if you have a strict budget and can’t spend enough to get a genuine leather recliner from a big name-brand, it’s possible you’ll be able to afford a decent chair that will last for a number of years. Even if it’s not genuine leather, it can still look appealing. Bonded and faux leathers also come with their own advantages, if they’re of a higher quality.

The following reviews will help you decide which of these 10 leather recliners you may want to think about purchasing and help you narrow down your options overall. If you’ve been looking for a leather recliner for any amount of time, you may be a little weary of all the options out there and have some questions besides.

If you do have questions like what the best leather recliner material is, or how you’ll clean your leather recliner once you get it, there’s an FAQ after the reviews to help you make the most of your purchase. There are also helpful suggestions on how to protect your new leather recliner and make the leather seat look good as new for as long as possible.

What is the Best Leather Recliner Leather Type?

Before you can know what the best type of leather is for you, it’s helpful to know exactly what each type of leather is and the benefits of each time.

Genuine Leather

Genuine leather is pretty self-explanatory. This material takes the most care and is likely to need protecting. It will scratch, mark, and absorb liquids and oils over time. In high-humidity areas, it can even mold if not cared for properly or “sealed”. Through all of these natural processes, leather develops a “patina” over time and comes to have its own look, even if the piece of furniture is mass-produced. This patina is something many leather furniture fans like.

Leather Match

In order to make certain parts of the chair more comfortable or flexible, a type of leather-like or bonded leather material will be matched to genuine leather and used in some areas of your leather recliner. As these are not in main areas, they tend to get less wear and hold up similarly to the main leather panels of the chair.

PU Leather

Polyurethane leather (aka Bicast Leather) is split leather that backs a top layer of polyurethane or vinyl. It's fairly tough as well as stain and water resistant. These products have a uniform leather texture and, when new, may have a distinct smell that sets them apart from a natural leather product. May also sometimes be called “bonded leather”.

Synthetic Leather

Synthetic leather is leather made out of non-hide materials. Raw materials of various types are used to produce leathers with various textures, colors, designs, and durability. In general, synthetic leathers last longer than PU and bonded leathers and take more energy to produce.

Faux Leather

The same as synthetic leather, see above.

Bonded Leather

Bonded leather goes by many names. Essentially, however, this simply refers to a product that consists of tiny pieces of chopped up or by-product leather fibers and scraps that are mixed with polyurethane and, possibly, other fibers and substances and then applied to a backing or fabric. Other names for bonded leather include “blended leather”, “chip leather”, and “reconstituted leather”.

Specialty Leather Fabrics

In the set of reviews above, one option had a type of specialty fabric. This “Renu” leather-fabric combined bonded leather and polyester to create a breathable material that has the look of leather but won't produce that “sticky” sensation many people feel after sitting on a piece of leather furniture. At the end of the day, if you're set on having a leather recliner you want to look at real leather or higher quality faux and PU leathers and, in an ideal world, you will be able to afford them. If you are budget-focused, won't be using the chair all that much, or plan to replace it in a year or two, then you can look at bonded leather or lower quality materials. They'll look good and hold up for a short time and perhaps by the time they wear out your style will have changed. If not, your circumstances may have and you can afford a better chair.

How to Clean Leather Recliner?

How you plan to clean your leather recliner depends on the type of leather the recliner is made out of. Below you will see the types of leather and the best cleaning methods for each. After that, you will see a few things you should absolutely never do to any leather recliner.

Before you begin cleaning, it may be useful to vacuum your furniture and remove any dust or debris with a soft, dry cloth. This is safe for all leather types.

How to Clean a Genuine Leather Recliner

Genuine leather is the most difficult type to care for but if you love the look, smell, and properties of leather you will be glad you took the time to do it. First of all, don't use any oil or oil-based products on any type of leather furniture. Saddle soaps are also not good. These may cause splitting, cracking, or discoloration. For real leather, it's best to use a soft cloth and a small amount of lukewarm water, enough to make the cloth damp but not wet. Carefully wipe down your furniture and then allow it to air dry. This should not take more than 20 minutes. If it takes longer, you may have used too much water and will need to carefully blot your furniture to remove excess moisture. Do not rub the moisture in. This may cause unpleasant creasing.

How to Clean a Faux or Synthetic Leather Recliner

Synthetic leather is an unknown. There are many different types of synthetic leather and they all behave quite differently. Pay attention to any documentation or tags that came with your chair. If you have no idea what to do, follow the directions for genuine leather above.

How to Clean Bonded or a PU Leather Recliner

As with real leather, please only use a very small amount of lukewarm water and a soft cloth or two. For more details, see the instructions for cleaning genuine leather given above. It's also important to note that the manufacturer of your furniture should have giver you care instructions or your furniture may have care tags somewhere on or under it. If no tags are found, always err on the side of caution, cleaning only with a soft cloth and a little bit of room-temperature water if needed. If the tag or instructions say “no water or liquid” you may need to buy a commercial cleaner and your furniture's manufacturer may be able to recommend the best one for the type of leather or coated-leather you have.

How to Keep Pillows from Sliding on Leather Recliner Chairs?

One of the most common problems anyone can have when trying to style a leather recliner is simply getting the accents, be they blankets or pillows, to stay on the furniture. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing that one pillow lying on the floor every single time you walk by even though it seems perfectly steady when you leave the room.

To prevent your pillows from ever sliding off of your leather furniture by accident again, you just need to know and implement a few tricks.

Affix Non-Slip Pads to the Corners or Seam of Your Pillows

A quick and cheap solution is to apply the small, sticky-packed non-slip pads you can get to put on the bottom of kitchen chairs, etc. Though the adhesive may mar the fabric of your pillows and this is not considered to be an attractive option by most.

Place Small Weights Inside the Bottom Corners of Your Pillows

If your pillows have zippers or fasteners of any sort allowing you to get inside, you can easily slip in a few heavy washers or fabric weights. These will help keep your pillows on the recliner and upright.

Choose Different Pillows

Pillows with flat or square bottoms were created just for this reason, or so it may seem. These are brilliant and you can even modify the pillows you have to have a square bottom unless they happen to have trim running around the outside edges.

Layer More Pillows On

Yes, more pillows can solve this problem. When you have more pillows, you can wedge them together and prevent any of them from escaping.

Place a Heavy Throw Blanket Down First

Draping a heavy blanket down the back and over the seat of your leather recliner will provide a nice spot with plenty of friction for your pillows to sit.

Fill Your Pillows With Beans

Similar to weighing your pillows down with fabric weights, as mentioned above, you can also fill the bottoms with dry beans or heavier plastic pellets.

You now know six ways to keep your decorative and throw pillows on any type of leather or slipper piece of furniture. Better, most of them require no sewing and won’t leave marks on your pillows if you decide to use them for another purpose in the future.

Review of the Leather Recliner

Who this is for:  If you need a comfortable, durable recliner and happen to have a smaller space or prefer furniture with a leaner vibe, this is a great recliner choice.

Why I like it: This recliner doesn’t look like much and that’s deceiving. It has an incredibly modest price tag and is meant to hold up to years or reclining. It comes in both black and brown PU leather upholstery options.

The reclining mechanism is easy to activate and it’s just as easy to sit back up and lock the footrest back in place. The chair is covered with high-resiliency padding. This means that even after sitting in it for some time, it will still stay soft and not “deflate” or lose its shape. The footrest is also completely padded, leaving no gaps or unsupported areas. However, this also means that it is most comfortable for people about 5′ 6” in height or less.

The seat width is 19.7” so it’s not the widest chair and this can make it a great choice for smaller spaces. Maximum weight limit is 265 which is quite a lot for a smaller recliner, proving that construction is solid.

Who this is for: This recliner is similar to the ComHoma recliner reviewed above but it has a softer, more “overstuffed” type of feel to it. The generous padding and armrest size makes it ideal for taller people or anyone that wants the most space, it may even be considered a lighter “oversized” recliner.

Why I like it: This leather recliner has a lot going on. It has an eight-point massage function and a heating option. That’s perfect for relieving sore muscles or just getting rid of the stress and fatigues of a long day.

The bonded leather looks to be of good quality and if well taken care of should hold up for quite some time. The Overstuffed cushions should also hold up given how firm they are. This is also why they offer such good neck and lumbar support.

The reclining mechanism involves a pull-ring. If you haven’t seen this type before, what happens is you pull the tab and then the footrest pops up. To put it back down, you press the footrest down with your legs until it latches back into place. The back reclines in a more traditional way.

The weight capacity is 440 lbs and the seat width is around 25 inches between the arms of the reclines. It also includes cup holders and pockets, as if it needed even more features.

Who this is for:  Need a stylish lift chair that fits in small spaces? This is that and more. Not only is it great for sitting in for long periods thanks to its innovative “leather-fabric” construction, but it can hold up to 300 lbs and has a powered recline and lift function.

Why I like it: Again, this fits in small places, looks sleek, and is comfortable. If you happen to have leg pain of any kind of find getting up out of chairs difficult, this type of chair was made to assist. Assembly is also easy and should take no more than 10 minutes and no tools.

The controls on this chair allow you to recline or lift in small, slow increments so your sure to achieve the best angle for you. No going too far, too fast.

One thing to note is the material this leather recliner is made out of. It’s labeled as “Renu” leather. Renu is a type of bonded leather that has a slightly larger percentage of “leather chips” than other types of bonded leather. It also contains a high percentage of polyester, which is why it may feel a bit more “fabric-like” than a typical genuine-leather product. The short of it is, this fabric looks like leather but won’t make you feel stuffy or sweaty. It’s breathable.

Who this is for: This is a high-tech recliner, as recliners go. You can grab a beverage, sit down, plug in your devices, and stay here all evening if you wanted to.

Why I like it: To start with, this is a nice leather chair in an “espresso” color. There are also navy and slate fabric upholstery options. The cushions are well padded without being overstuffed.

For those that like to have their reclines with a little power behind them, with the touch of a button you can recline or set your chair back to its original position. Additionally, you can use the USB port next to these control buttons to charge any devices you might have.

Cables, books, and other things can be stored in the cubbies under the armrests for convenience and a nice, clean appearance. The cup holders in each arm are nicely sized and can hold the average bottle or mug. These spaces are also easy to clean.

Upkeep is simple as this chair is upholstered with PU leather. It won’t stain easily. Spills will roll right off and can be wiped up without leaving anything behind. Seat width is 20.75” and seat depth is 22”. The motor is also very quiet, though not quite silent.

Who this is for: This is a high-end leather recliner offered by Lane Home Furnishings. If you want a larger recliner that will hold up and is backed by a reputable manufacturer in case anything ever goes wrong, this may be the leather recliner for you.

Why I like it: This is a larger recliner that’s covered with nice leather and leather match. It has a reinforced, manual mechanism that allows it to safely hold up to 500 lbs and will last, handling that much on a daily basis, for a number of years.

Another thing to note is the padding of this chair. When fully reclined, many recliners leave your arms without full support as there is a gap between the back and armrest, when reclined. With these chairs, you will have full, cushioned support when you recline due to the radius armrest design.

Who this is for: If you want a solid, basic leather recliner, this chair could work for you.

Why I like it: In addition to reclining, this faux leather recliner allows you to swivel 360 degrees, rock, and glide. That’s every motion features a recliner can have and still be just a chair.

The reclining feature itself is easy and will lock at a certain angle, though if you want to recline further it is possible to do so if you remain laying back. Assembly is also simple and should take no longer than 10 minutes, on average, once the recliner has been removed from its box.

What is Best to Protect Seat of a Leather Recliner?

What you ultimately end up using to protect the seat of your leather recliner will depend on your personal styles and budget. A number of commercial products are available, as well as covers and other more budget and time-friendly methods.

First and foremost, make sure you are caring for the leather correctly. Never leave it in the elements or direct sunlight. Then, ensure that pets are not allowed on the furniture. If they are, their nails may mar the surface of the leather.

In cases like these, a thick, padded cover is best. Preferably one with a resilient backing. These pads or a folded towel are the best way to protect a leather recliner seat from other potential dangers, too.

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