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These reviews will help you find a kids recliner that not only fits your child’s personality but also makes like a little bit easier for you or their parents. Many of these chairs are easy to clean or come with the option of selecting a material that is. They may have detachable pillows, storage space, or even USB ports. All of these things will be noted, as well as any added safety features to prevent tip-overs or pinched fingers.

It’s also important to consider the weight limit and reclined length of any chair before you commit to buy it. You wouldn’t want to get a chair that your child will outgrow in the next six months. Wouldn’t it be better if it could last at least a year or maybe even a handful of years? And after your child has or children have outgrown it, wouldn’t it be nice to have a chair you could pass on to another family that would appreciate it? Or save it for your grandkids?

In order to choose an appropriate children’s recliner that lasts, check out the top three chairs out of all the recliners reviewed in the chart below. Then you can move on to the in-depth reviews to learn more about any chair that has caught your interest or see what other chairs are available.

How to Choose a Kids Recliner?

Choosing a kids recliner comes down to a few important factors. These factors are listed and explained below. These are also some of the factors we outlined in the chart at the beginning of this review page

Material or Upholstery

The material the chair is covered in is an important thing to consider. First, note any allergies your child might have to any upholstery or upholstery component. Some chairs covered in fabric may contain rayon or Spandex while bonded leather chairs can have various fiber additives. The material used on kids recliners also varies in how easy it is to clean and maintain. Vinyl is the easiest to clean whereas microfiber and microsuede may be the least easy to clean. Different upholstery types also have different durability ratings. Again, vinyl is a popular material for these chairs as it's easy to clean and holds up nicely. Microfiber would be another good choice for durability. PU leather and bonded leather will be the least durable choices overall.

Safety Weight Limit

The safe weight limit of a chair is the capacity it can safely hold on a regular basis. Putting more weight in a chair than this recommended limit will cause the mechanisms used to recline to degrade as well as put extra stress on the frame. The average weight limit is between 90 and 110 pounds, though some kids recliners can hold as much as 240 to 300 pounds. Given the size of these chairs, the lower threshold is usually an appropriate amount.

Added or “Special” Features

Other than safety features, additional features may be anything from storage to USB ports. Storage comes in the form of in-arm cubbies found under armrest padding, cup holders, and pockets found on the sides of a kids recliner. Other features are available on some chairs but expect to pay much more for them.

Length of the Chair When Reclined

The length of any chair when reclined will help you decide if your child will be able to use it and for roughly how much longer. If your child is already taller than the length of the chair, you may want to look for another. If they are shorter, by how much? This will show you how much longer you can roughly expect them to be able to use this recliner. On average, the recliners we reviewed were between 34 and 36” long when fully reclined. There were, however, some that were as much as 45” in length, including the chair in the last review just above this section.

Safety Features

How safe do you want your chair to be? Most of them are filled with a fire retardant foam padding that is considered safe by California's standards. They shouldn't have any buttons or parts that are easy to break off and, potentially, swallow. Additional safety featured may include a chair that locks in place when reclined or a chair that doesn't lock, depending on your preference. The chair could need extra padding. Recliners may also have a mechanism that prevents them from reclining unless the footrest is pulled out about 1” to start the process. This ensures the child is seated at the time. If you consider these five features, it's unlikely that you will purchase a kids recliner that you will regret later. These factors all contribute important things to this piece of furniture and, if you choose wisely, will add up to a chair that lasts and provides comfort to your child for quite a while.

Review of the Kids Recliner

Who this is for:  This chair is best for a younger and smaller child due to the 90 pound safety rating. It’s also great for any parent that appreciates how easy it is to clean up vinyl.

Why I like it: This kids recliner comes in 15 different colors, 12 of which are vinyl and 3 are bonded leather. The vinyl upholstered chairs are not only colorful, but they’re also easy to clean as well as stain and water resistant.

If you’re planning to buy a  recliner for your child, you want it to fit their personality, maybe even be their favorite color. This is a chair that allows you to do that without breaking the bank and ordering a custom cover. The vinyl material is also likely to hold up for several years with absolutely no peeling or cracking, with average use.

Assembly is easy (only two steps) and the chair requires little force in order to activate the reclining mechanism. This chair also has a detachable headrest for extra support and ease of clean up.

Who this is for:  This is a great option if you want lots of choice or if you need multiple chairs in different colors for different rooms or different kids.

Why I like it: This is a great chair with several small features that may make it worth a slightly larger investment than the other children’s recliners on this list. First, it comes in 11 colors with a choice of either vinyl or microfiber upholstery. Both of these have their own advantages. The vinyl is easier to clean and the microfiber is a bit softer and more breathable.

This kids recliner also has generous storage in both arms of the chair that is easily accessed by moving the arm cushions to one side.

The reclining mechanism also has a safety feature where the child must sit up and pull the footrest out in order to begin reclining. This helps avoid any accidental reclining or becoming stuck in a recliner position. It can also help prevent the chair from tipping over like a force-activated only mechanism may do it a child stands in the chair.

Who this is for:  This chair is for any child that wants more comfort as well as a large selection of colors or patterns to choose from. Certain colors are only available in a specific material.

Why I like it: This kids recliner has a lot of positives. First, it’s extra padded and one of the few chairs to come in regular fabric upholstery rather than a microfiber (which can hold onto dust and crumbs.) Soft vinyl and leatherette options are also available. The padding is mostly added in the back and headrest area, providing substantial comfort and support.

For safety, the footrest must be pulled out by hand to begin the reclining process. This prevents the chair from being accidentally reclined or tipped over when the child is not in a seated position. A plastic cup holder is also included and can hold an average-sized cup or drink.

Who this is for:  This is a great chair for anyone who is a little worried that their child might get “stuck” in a reclined chair. It’s also great for anyone who would like an easy to reach USB port for their child to use.

Why I like it: The USB charging feature of this chair is unique. IT requires batteries to power the charging function, but rechargeable batteries could cut down on the cost of keeping this feature going. In addition to the USB ports, this chair has an average-sized cup holder in the right arm of the chair. It’s a good chair for smaller or modern spaces due to its construction.

This recliner also reclines easily using the body weight of the child. However, it does not lock in place. For some, this could be an issue, for others its a feature.

The main benefit of this feature occurs in a situation where the child can easily sit back up whenever they want to, without having to press on the footrest of the chair. If they are unable to, they may become stuck in the chair or have to try to climb out of the side while the chair is reclined which may be a small safety hazard.

Who this is for:  This is one of the more “stylish” options of kids recliners our there. It has a reasonable price point and comfort level as well as a weight limit that would support an adult or a child easily. This makes for a chair that can hold up to just about anything.

Why I like it: This chair can fit kids of many different ages and builds. The safety weight limit is nearly 3x that of similar chairs in both design and price. The frame of this chair, though light, is made of materials that are meant to last.

The PU leather upholstery comes in four colors: Pink, Light Blue, Black, and White. All of these are easy to clean as well as being stain and water resistant. The soft foam padding is thicker in the back and headrest area to extra support of the child’s back, head, and neck. The vinyl is also pretty thick compared to other recliner models and holds up to minor scratches without tearing.

This recliner “locks” in a reclining position but is easy to put back in its original, upright position. The cup holder is made of a study plastic and holds an average-sized can, cup, or bottle.

Who this is for:  This is a recliner that has all of the basic features of most children’s recliners including a cup holder. The one standout feature is the extra padding in the headrest area. The padding here is 7.8 inches thick. It’s more of a pillow that’s attached than just a headrest.

Why I like it: This chair is meant to be both supportive and comfortable for kids. IT will hold up to 11 pounds safely every single day of use. It has a cup holder in the right arm of the chair that holds an average-sized can, bottle, or cup.

The PU leather is water-resistant and stain resistant. It comes in a cream/white as well as brown or pink.  The reclining feature requires light effort and does lock at several different angles.

Who this is for:  This chair is both basic and comfortable. It’s also built to last. If you have more than one child, plan to, or want to be able to pass this off as a hand-me-down then this is a kids recliner that could hold up for something like that.

Why I like it: This recliner is, first of all, easy to recline and sit back up in for nearly any child. In order for the chair to stay fully reclined, the child may need to be more than 50 lbs, but children of lower weights can still recline at a lesser angle.

The padding is “overstuffed” in the back and headrest area, creating a pillow-like bed for the child to lay back on. This is very supportive and more likely to hold up over time while still being comfortable. The PU leather is easy to clean while being stain and water-resistant. The chair comes in either black or brown upholstery. On its own, this chair weighs only 26 lbs and requires virtually no assembly.

Why I like it: Though it didn’t quite make it in the top three in this review set, this chair is still a customer favorite for a number of reasons. It’s a bit longer when reclined than other kids recliners by about five more inches. This could mean that your child will be able to use it that much longer as they grow. It also has a steel frame that makes it a bit heavier but also increases its stability.

As for upholstery, you can choose between black or pink colors which allows this chair to suit a variety of children’s preferences or rooms. The vinyl material is easy to wipe down and keep clean. It will rarely ever stain and even crayon is easily wiped off with the right supplies.

The cup holder to hold most snacks or drinks that a child would have. The back is supportive and pillow-like with how much extra padding has been stuffed inside of it. Assembly is minimal and consists of locking the back into the base and attaching the legs of the chair. It should require no tools and could be done alone.

What Company Has the Best and Cheap Kids Recliners?

The kids recliner reviewed in the 10th review spot is marked as the “Best Value”. This chair is right around $100 in either color and with the size, will likely last longer than nearly any other chair reviewed here. This children’s recliner is simply slightly longer than average and made with better materials. At that price, it’s a steal.

For the company with the best overall and cheapest overall kids recliners would be “Best Choice Products” but they only have the one chair. For more variety, “Flash Furniture” has more kids recliners and a lot of variety for a little less though their chairs are not quite as big or come with as sturdy a frame.

Why Should You Buy a Kids Recliners?

Choosing to buy a kids recliner could be a decision you make for any number of reasons. Purchasing special furniture for a child can make them feel important and appreciated. Child-sized furniture may also be easier for them to use and even safer than adult-sized furniture.

Small furniture can also make a great gift for birthdays and its something that will last for some time as well as something a child can appreciate that’s not a toy. A kids recliner or chair can help them feel independent. It can also provide a small space that is “theirs”.

If the chair has additional features, they may also be more convenient for the child. USB ports are at the higher end but these can help a child keep their devices charged all on their own as well as provide an easy to access port for when they need something charged and a parent isn’t available right away to help.

Cup holders and pockets, as well as in-arm storage, provides an easy place to keep small toys or snacks that will help a child stay occupied during the time they spend in their chair. The specific upholstery you choose, if vinyl or PU leather, is easy to clean as well as being spill and spot resistant. This is another unique feature of choosing to have a kids recliner around.

The padding and size of the chair can also help support the body of a child better than adult-sized furniture is able to. The cushions and length are just right for the size of their smaller frames. This can also make them more comfortable.

All of these features added together make choosing to purchase a recliner for your child or as a gift a compelling purchase option. If you do decide to pick one up, try looking at the reviews above to narrow down your options or at least get an idea of the features you may be looking for as sometimes it’s easy to overlook a few factors you may wish you had considered after your purchase.

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