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Cheap recliners may also be needed in “emergency” situations such as a sudden illness or injury. If you have an aging parent or child with a sport’s injury, selecting a recliner with a swivel feature can help them cope without stressing their bodies.

A cheap recliner can also be something you buy for young children, to help them feel more grown up and foster a sense of independence. They’re also just plain comfortable and if you invest in one of the options suggested below, it’s likely to become your child’s favorite chair.

No matter your reason for choosing to buy a cheap recliner, you have a lot of things to consider. There is no one factor that makes a recliner “cheap”. As you’ll learn below, a recliner is something that’s all about individual choices. From upholstery to features and construction, not to mention design.

When choosing upholstery, this review offers a wide selection of options for great recliners with any type of upholstery (except the most expensive genuine leather.) You will find fabric, microfiber, and strong bonded leather options. All of which are reasonably easy to clean and maintain.

You will also find some chairs you may be surprised are on this list and when you see the prices you may even be impressed. You can get more in features, form, and function if you take the time to research all of the products that are out there. Consider this review your shortcut to finding what you consider to be the just-right recliner for you.

How to Choose Cheap Recliners?

Whether you’re looking for a cheap La-Z-Boy recliner or a recliner under 50 dollars, you’re sure to come across a few that make you wonder if you’re not better off saving up. However, with a little forethought and careful planning, you can find a recliner that’s exactly what you want, down to the upholstery and special features.

First, you should determine what you want. Consider the following questions:

What Upholstery Do I Want for My Recliner?

Upholstery is your first major decision when choosing a cheap recliner. Genuine leather may be out but you should still be able to acquire some bonded or PU leather. Even faux leather may be in the upper end of your price range. There is also the option of polyester blends or a microfiber.

Do I Want My Recliner to Be Spill Resistant or Easy to Clean?

The leather varieties and the polyester blends will be somewhat stain and spill resistant and easy to clean. Microfiber and other materials can tend to hold on to spills and things and take more work to clean.

What Should the Weight Limit of My Recliner Be?

It's important you know how much weight you anticipate your recliner to hold. While it may be true that safety weight limits are conservative, going over them on a recliner will cause the reclining mechanisms to break down rapidly. What may have been a chair that would last four or more years within that weight limit could last a few months outside of it.

What Length Should My Recliner Be?

The taller you are, the more thought you should put into what recliner to get. This is because many chairs are built for average-height people. You may need an extended footrest or a taller back. Some chairs, like those with separate ottomans, will allow you to “cheat” and get a cheaper recliner that can easily be tailored to any height.

Do I Want My Recliner to Swivel, Rock, or Glide?

These features are fun to have, but could be vital to anyone with a medical need. They are also things that children and new mother's like to have. They can help soothe babies to sleep as well as adults.

Do I Need a Wall-Hugger Recliner?

How much space do you have to use? Sometimes you don't have the room for 12 to 20 inches of clearance between the back of the recliner and the wall. If this describes y9our situation, you may want to invest in a wall-hugger type recliner or reclining sofa. This will save you space and save your walls from scuffs and dings.

How Much Do I Have to Spend on a New Recliner?

Your budget can only be determined by you. If all you need is a basic chair, you should easily be able to find one for $150 or less. If you want a swivel, massage, or glide feature, you're going to be looking at closer to $250.

How Long Do I Want This Recliner to Last?

IS the chair you're about to purchase something you need to last as long as possible? Do you only need it for a few years, until your child outgrows it? Are there any other time-frames to consider? Do you need it to be portable if you're planning on moving soon? Now that you've considered the questions listed above, prioritize the features you want. This way, you can narrow down the options based on the features you want the most and if you can afford a chair with more, its a bonus. You may also decide, after using this method, to wait until you can afford a chair that gives you just a little bit more of what you're looking for and that will last longer.

What Company Has the Best and Cheap Power Lift Recliners?

There is a company called BONZY that has some of the cheapest power lift chairs you will find. They are available on Amazon as well as a few other venues. However, keep in mind that when it comes to “cheap” power lift chairs, you need to realize that this is “cheap” compared to other power lift chairs. You still need to budget for about $390 at the least. This is still several hundred dollars cheaper than the next most expensive options.

Lift chairs, if you’re not certain of the definition, are powered recliners that assist a person in standing or getting up from their chair as well as sitting down gently in their recliner. They are also always powered so that the person using the chair can raise and lower either the back or leg rest with the touch of a button. This feature could also appeal to anyone, especially if they are aging as it helps take stress of the knees and other joints.

Review of the Cheap Recliners

Who this is for:  If you want a cheap recliner that’s leather-wrapped and comes in two separate pieces, this could be the right recliner for you. It’s also a good fit for anyone that need a chair that fits into small spaces and can easily swivel or adjust to a space.

Why I like it: This is a cheap recliner with quite a few features. First, it has a massage function. This function has nine massage modes and five intensity levels and even has some zones on the ottoman.

The chair itself it leather-wrapped, as is the base of the chair and ottoman. The chair reclines using manual pressure and it doesn’t take too much. Assembly is easy and the chair is light and easy to move around if you need to. The weight limit of this compact, leather recliner is roughly 250 lbs.

Who this is for:  This is a decent chair for use in any gaming or home-theater situations. Not only does it fit the theme with the black leather and racing stripes but it’s very easy to use and full of support features.

Why I like it: This recliner has a unique design that appeals to grown-up games as well as younger people. The chair itself is about 60 lbs and of sturdy construction. It comes in two colors, black leather with red stripes and black leather with bright blue stripes.

Lumbar and head support are important if you intend to spend more than an hour sitting down. Getting out of the chair requires just a little force. The PU Leather is easy to clean as well as liquid and stain resistant. However, the material is a little thin so be careful if you have pets that like to jump on the furniture.

Who this is for:  this chair is for small children up until about the age of seven. The chair itself wouldn’t look too out of place in a grown-up space, due to its design. (This, however, may not be the case if you choose the bright pink option.)

Why I like it: This chair is sturdy while being light enough for nearly any adult to move around when needed. It weighs 28 lbs. The material is a bonded leather and the padding is overstuffed to provide plenty of comfort as well as resiliency. The material is thick enough to withstand quite a bit of abuse from an active child. The chair is 28” tall and reclines with little manual force. It also has a cup holder that will fit a standard-sized cup.

Who this is for:  This is for any safety-minded parents who have kids that may push the limits of any other chair. This chair was built with both safety and comfort in mind.

Why I like it: With over 20 colors to choose from, you could have several of these recliners around without anyone’s having to match. They hold up to a 90 lb. child.

In-arm storage could be used to hold snacks or toys. The chair easily reclines with a small amount of force once the safety features have been taken care of.

The chair is filled with fire-retardant foam and made out of soft microfiber with plenty of traction so your child won’t slip[ or slide out of their new recliner. All cushions are overstuffed so that they’ll hold up better over time.

Who this is for:  This is a light-duty chair with a low weight-cap. It’s nice for small spaces and good-looking.  It would make a nice addition to a theater room or for anyone that want’s furniture that they can move around easily.

Why I like it: This is a sleek-looking chair in either the black or brown vinyl upholstery. One thing to note is the low weight safety limit.

This chair can be reclined fully and will lock at any angle. The wheels attached to the wooden legs allow it to easily be moved from place to place. Reclining may be more difficult than it would be with another model of recliner.

Who this is for: If you want a modern chair that would look good in a row or in a home theater setting, this is a club chair style recliner worth looking into.

Why I like it: This recliner has a sturdy frame and stout legs. It’s made of a durable PU leather and has cushions and padding that are soft yet will hold their shape over time. PU Leather is easy to clean as well as being spill and stain resistant. The legs and frame are made mostly of hardwood, making this chair light and easy to move.

Assembly consists of sliding the back onto the chair and screwing on the legs, no tools required. The chair reclines almost completely and can be adjusted to a variety of angles. Reclining is easy and requires little force. Armrests provide full support even while reclined due to their radial construction. They are also slightly wider than average armrests, especially for a chair this cheap.

Why Should You Buy Cheap Recliners?

Choosing to buy a cheap recliner is a personal choice. Only you know what you can afford and if you are willing to give up a little quality to save a little money. Below, you will find several reasons to buy a cheaper recliner now.

Cheap Recliners Can Be a Good Value or a Good Bargain

Finding a good bargain on a recliner is more than possible, especially if you're looking for a cheap recliner to begin with and starting to look at reviews like this one. You can find chairs with plenty of features, like the massage feature included in the chair we reviewed first in this set of reviews, without having to spend all that much.

Cheap Doesn't Have to Mean Poorly Constructed

You can find well constructed furniture for cheap if you really look. Reading this review and others like it on this website can be your shortcut in the process.

You Just Need a Recliner for Now

Not everyone's circumstances will stay the same forever. If you expect your circumstances to improve in the next few years then you may only want a chair that will last about that long. Then you can upgrade to what you really wanted all along without having to feel guilty about any mid-range chair you bought in the meantime.

A Recliner is a Luxury and You Have to Save for Other Things

A recliner is nice to have. It's a luxury to sit down in a nice chair at the end of the day and browse the internet or watch TV. However, come things are more important. Spend what you need to in order to get a nice chair for now and then save up for the things you really care about. You make your own choices.

This Recliner is for a Child

Children's recliners are cheap to begin with but need to be selected with care. If you are planning to buy a child's recliner you do need to remember that they will outgrown them rather quickly. Because of this, you may want to choose a cheap recliner because you don't need it to last. This is especially true if you only have one child.

Recliners Break Down Fast for You

Again, if you have a higher weight than is recommended for most chairs, they will break down quickly and there is very little getting around that. You should always be safe, but purchasing an inexpensive recliner and replacing it more often may cause less frustration and be more comfortable than investing in something pricey and being upset when it breaks down.

You Have a Temporary Medical Issue

If you have recently come down with an illness or disease, or maybe your son or daughter broke a bone and needs some comfort in the meantime. Any of these cheap recliners could provide some relief. Those with rocking or swivel features may offer the best comfort to those that are ill or on the mend.

This is Your First Recliner and You're Not Sure What You Want

First recliners are for deciding if you like them before upgrading to another with more features. Maybe you really want a leather recliner and have for years but now that it's come down to it, you're not sure if it's right for you. Maybe you want a recliner because you know how comfortable they are, but you're not sure if you can style it properly to fit in with the rest of your home. Choosing a cheaper option in circumstances like these is one of the best choices you can make.

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