Camo Recliners


That said, most of these recliners are meant to appeal to hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts, so there are some common features many of them share. For example, most camo recliners are made from washable fabric. Some have cup holders and storage pockets so you can sink into them without worrying about needing to get up. A few even have massagers.

If you spend a lot of time doing outdoor activities like hunting, fishing or hiking, you’re probably an expert in relaxation. I know I am. After a day in the cold or rain, there’s nothing better than sipping a hot cup of coffee and sitting in a comfy chair. If that chair just happens to be outdoor-themed, so much the better.

But the internet is full of people trying to get you to buy their stuff. With everyone trying to tell you their recliner is the best, how do you make an informed decision?

I’ve looked at the ten most popular camo recliners online and compared them. I’ve looked at the material, the size, the construction, and the performance. I’ve also looked for extra features, like rocking action, massage motors, cup holders and storage. The goal was to find the most comfortable, functional recliner available.

I’ve tried to cover a broad price range, and included a few kids-sized chairs as well to cover all my bases. No matter what your budget or lifestyle, there’s a chair here that will work for you – provided you like what I have to say about it.

What Fabric is Schewels Camo Rocker Recliner?

Schewels recliners are manufactured in Lynchburg, Virginia. The company has been in business since 1917, and their recliners have since become popular nationwide due to their exceptional quality. They manufacture a variety of furniture, but are particularly well-known for their recliners.

Their recliners are upholstered with a nylon/poly blend. This makes them spill-resistant, since liquids won’t absorb easily into that material. That said, some of their furniture is upholstered in different materials. Since this is a premium manufacturer, the best thing to do is simply to ask a sales rep. They’re experts at their jobs, and will help you find an upholstery that’s right for you.

How to Choose a Recliner?

Whether you decide to choose one of the recliners I’ve reviewed, or whether you decide to go another direction, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when you’re making a decision. This list isn’t exhaustive, but it’s a good primer that will help you avoid some of the most common pitfalls.

Camo Rocker Recliner Material

Upholstery comes in many varieties, including both natural and synthetic materials. Some of the most popular natural fibers are Chenille, a rich, thick upholstery developed in France, as well as Jute, which is an Indian material that has a rugged look. Cotton blends, linen, silk, velvet and wool are also popular materials. These can be luxurious, but tend to get dirty easily. It will be difficult, if not impossible to find camo upholstery in these materials.

The most durable natural material is leather. It comes in several grades and appearances, and is easy to clean. This is a great material, but you won’t find it in camo.

Instead, most camo recliners are upholstered with durable, easy-to-clean synthetic materials like nylon, polyester or rayon. Some of the most rugged recliners are upholstered with olefin, a plastic material that’s made by melting down lots of tiny beads into a single sheet. This is easy to wash and holds its color well, but it can feel like plastic if it’s made cheaply.


Another thing you’ll need to consider is how much space you have. Recliners are different from other pieces of furniture, because they take up more space when they’re being used. If you’re shopping online, this may require some estimation, since manufacturers typically give the dimensions of the chair when it’s sitting upright, not when it’s reclined. If you’re shopping in a retail store, it’s a good idea to bring a tape measure with you to see how much room the chair needs when it’s fully reclined.

Recliner Types and Styles

There are several types of recliner available, depending on what exactly you intend to do with them. Considerations include how much space they take up, how far back they lean, and whether they work manually or are powered. Here are some of the most popular styles:

Pushback recliners

These are the simplest design, with no mechanical or electrical assistance. Lean back firmly to recline, and pull the chair back forward to right it. Most of these recliners are on the smaller side, since a large chair can be very difficult to lay back in this way. Many of these models come with a separate ottoman, rather than an extendable leg rest. The advantage here is price; because the mechanism is so simple, it’s typically less expensive than other designs.

Lever operated recliners

These are probably the type of recliner you’re most familiar with. They have a handle or lever on one side, which reclines the chair when you pull it. Depending on the exact design, you can reset the chair by pushing the handle forward, or by pressing down firmly on the leg rest.

Powered recliners

Most massage chairs fall into this category. Because these chairs are very heavy, even a lever may not be strong enough to lay them back easily. They are usually operated by a remote control, or by a control pad on one of the arms.

Lift chair recliners

These are similar to powered recliners, but will actively help you sit up when you’re going to the upright position. Because of this, they’re usually made for senior citizens, or for other people with mobility issues. They also tend to be very expensive, so it’s a good idea to see if health insurance or Medicare will cover some of the cost. You won’t find a lot of camo chairs in this style, but I wanted to mention this for the sake of completeness.

Leg only recliners

These recliners don’t lay back at all, so I question whether or not they’re technically recliners. Still, they have a leg rest that you can deploy. If you’re hard-up for space, they can be a good way to relieve tired legs without taking up too much floor space.

Wall hugger recliners

These are designed for people who want to put their recliner as close to the wall as possible to save space. When they lean back, the seat actually slides forward, which lets them recline without the back of the chair knocking into the wall.

Rocker recliners

Several of the recliners I reviewed are made in this style. They recline, but they double as a rocker when they’re in the upright position.

Review of the Camo Recliners

Who this is for

This is a good choice for anyone who’s looking for a decent rocking recliner on a budget. It’s not the best chair on the market by a long shot, but you can’t beat the quality at this price point.

Why I like it

It has nice, thick padding, and the manual control is a plus if you’re using it in a hunting lodge or cabin where power is a concern. I also liked the fact that you don’t have to lean it back all the way. It will stop whenever you release the lever, so you can adjust it to exactly where you’re comfortable.

This camo recliner is upholstered with Realtree camo fabric, which is polyester/cotton blend. This makes it soft and breathable, but the cotton will tend to hold moisture, so you don’t want to sit down in it if you’re fresh from a wet day in the deep woods.

The aluminum frame is sturdy enough to take a beating, while still being light enough for two people to carry over almost any terrain. If your cabin is even a hundred yards from the nearest road or driveway, you’ll appreciate not having to lug a wood-framed recliner all the way there.

The price is very reasonable, but at the end of the day you’ll get what you pay for. This is a rocking recliner, and that’s it. No bells, no whistles, no extra features. That said, it does exactly what it says it will do, and supports up to 300 lbs.

Taller people (over 6’2”) may not be as comfortable in this recliner as they will be in some oversized models. Still, this is a solid buy for most people.

Who this is for

This recliner is designed for serious outdoors enthusiasts who come home sore at the end of the day. You’ll be able to take a load off while enjoying a gentle massage. Of course, this requires power, so you probably don’t want to use it at a cabin where power can be an issue.

Why I like it

I like this chair because it’s one of the most affordable massage chairs on the market. The microfiber upholstery is easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner, so you can take a minute to relax without changing out of your dirty clothes.

The Relaxen Massage Rocker is a powered chair that does everything, at a very reasonable price. Whether you want to use the massage function or just get off your feet for a bit, you’ll get what you need out of this chair.

Thanks to the motors and electronics, it’s fairly heavy. You won’t want to carry it any long distance, but it’s a great choice for home use. One drawback is that it’s difficult to sit up. You have to kick down on the leg rest pretty forcefully, so people with mobility issues may have a hard time operating it properly.

There are 8 massage motors: two in the middle back, two in the lumbar area, two under your thighs, and two more under your calves. They provide a full-body massage that takes the stress out of overworked hamstrings. After a day of hunting or hiking, this is just what the doctor ordered.

Who this is for

This is great for a kid who wants their own recliner, just like mom and dad. Even if they’re not quite old enough for hunting season, your kid will love using this chair for video games.

Why I like it

For an inexpensive, child-sized chair, the quality is good enough to impress me. The cup holder and washable fabric were a great touch, since kids will inevitably spill now and then. While I’ve written this review specifically to look at camo recliners, it comes in 21 other colors as well, which makes it perfect for almost any living room.

This chair only reclines when the footrest is pulled out at least one inch. On most recliners, I’d find this annoying, but it’s a nice safety feature for kids, who are liable to flop down into their chair with as much force as the Chelyabinsk Meteor.

It has a hardwood frame, which makes it tougher than a lot of “kids” products on the market. Make no mistake, this recliner is as tough as any recliner that’s made for adults, so you don’t have to worry about it falling apart for your kid’s next birthday. One word of caution: the weight capacity is only 90 pounds. This is a child sized chair, not a teenager sized chair, so expect to invest in a larger one as your son or daughter grows up.

Who this is for

This chair is made for anyone who wants a powered chair without the added weight of massage motors. It ships fully assembled, so you won’t need to spend time poring over an instruction seat before you relax.

Why I like it

This recliner is made by Simmons, so you know you’re getting a well-designed piece of furniture. I also appreciated the fact that it was light enough to move around by myself, instead of having to call a friend just to get it through the door.

Because it’s a powered chair, you won’t want to use this in a remote area. On the other hand, you can adjust it to literally any angle. No need to decide whether you want to be just too far forward or just too far back.

The Simmons is also very comfortable. The thick, memory foam seat is deep enough to sink into, while still being firm enough to provide plenty of support. It uses sinuous wire springs, which are more durable than standard springs. Expect to get many years of use out of this chair.

Who this is for

This is an ideal massaging recliner for big and tall men, or for anyone who wants a massage chair with a rustic look. Of course, it’s only a good idea if you have reliable access to power wherever you’re putting it.

Why I like it

This chair provides massage and heat. I’ve come home wet and cold enough times to appreciate that feeling where the cold soaks deep into your bones, when sitting in a blanket and drinking coffee and hot chocolate just doesn’t cut it. There are times when you need all the warmth you can get, and the Catnapper is the perfect chair for those circumstances.

This was one of my top choices, and for good reason. For one, there are only a couple of massage chairs on my list. While these chairs have their limitations – they require power – they’re just so nice to have when you’ve been walking a lot. As I’ve mentioned, the heat is also nice.

For another thing, the Catnapper is oversized, so even very tall men will be comfortable in it. Even if you’re 6’4”, your feet won’t hang far out past the foot rest. This chair complements its large size with tough, 8 gauge springs. These are heavier than standard 10 or 12 gauge springs, so larger men won’t have to worry about the chair wearing out too quickly.

One disappointing feature is worth mentioning. The upholstery on this chair is cotton, so it’s absorbent and hard to wash. It’s very soft, which is nice, but you don’t want to sit down in it if your clothes are dirty.

Who this is for

This chair is a good idea if you don’t want to spend a fortune on a chair your kid is going to grow out of in a few years. It only supports 90 pounds, so keep that in mind when you’re making a decision.

Why I like it

I like the Brazil Furniture Child’s Recliner because it’s well-constructed, but at a very reasonable price. That’s how child-sized products should be; not lower quality, just smaller and correspondingly cheaper.

This chair comes in two patterns: a pink camouflage and pink-and-green zigzag stripes. It has buttons in the back, which gives it a classic look, like something you’d see in your grandmother’s living room. The padding is firm and comfortable, although the springs in the bottom are a bit loose. Of course, if your kid weighs less than 90 pounds, the seat will provide plenty of support.

The chair weighs only 25 pounds, so you won’t have any trouble moving it from room to room if your kid wants to move it between the living room and their bedroom. It’s a bit difficult for smaller children to recline, but this is a necessary safety feature. If it were easy for a toddler to recline, it might just fall over if a 9-year-old flopped into it, so I appreciate the extra support.

Who this is for

The Cloud Nine is another great choice for taller men. It’s oversized, so it should actually support your shoulders and ankles. Even if they’re not terribly tall, heavier men will appreciate the added support this chair gives you.

Why I like it

I loved the thick padding. As a smaller guy myself, I didn’t get to enjoy the full benefits of this chair, but it had more than enough cushion for me. I also liked the lightweight design. Most chairs this size weigh at least twice as much, so it was nice to be able to move it around the room.

This chair has a steel frame that’s strong, durable and very light. The lever control doesn’t require any power, so it’s perfect for a cabin. If the thick cushions weren’t enough to provide excellent support, the 8-gauge springs seal the deal. They’re beefier than most springs, so you won’t have to worry about this chair wearing out before its time. It also doubles as a rocker.

There are two things that kept this chair from being my top choice. The first was the price. For this much money, I’d like to see some kind of extra features beyond just being big and cushy. The second factor isn’t as big of a deal; the upholstery is 100 percent cotton, which means it’s absorbent and hard to clean.

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