Best Wall Hugger Recliners

Top-3 Wall Hugger Recliners

Most recliners feature a metal frame with a mechanism that allows changing the position of the back and the front parts of the chair. Thanks to it, you can use it as a regular chair or push the back backward and down and the front part forward and up to recline or even lie down. Some of these chairs have manual controls and others can be activated by a gentle push. 

Modern recliners are more than just comfortable chairs. Many of them can easily serve as statement pieces playing a focal role in your interior design. Many contemporary recliners incorporate lots of features to enhance users’ comfort.  

In case you plan to purchase a recliner chair but not sure which one to choose, below you’ll find a few suggestions that can be of help.

Things to consider

Recliner chairs, especially those of decent quality can be pricey. As it is the case with any expensive purchase, it’s important to consider all pros, cons, and specifics beforehand. Here are a few things you might want to think about before buying a recliner chair:


A recliner chair is a fairly large piece of furniture that will undoubtedly catch the eye of anyone who comes into the room it’s in. So unless you don’t care about how well it fits into your interior design, make sure you choose a chair that will complement your interior design style and look well-placed.


There is a couple of reasons why you have to make sure your recliner chair is the right size. First of all, because it’s important to know that your chair won’t clutter the space or block the way. Second, the chair must fit your body type and height so you could feel comfortable at all times. The measurements to consider are as follows: overall chair dimensions, seat dimensions, seat height, back height.


It’s important to choose the right type of chair because your comfort and satisfaction largely depend on it. What do you want your chair to do? For example, If you want it to turn around, choose a swivel recliner. If the chair is intended for an elderly or physically impaired person, a power lift recliner might be perfect. If you want your chair to rock you to sleep, get a rocker recliner.


Most likely, you will use your recliner quite often. This is why it makes sense to choose a recliner that doesn’t just look good but has durable upholstery that won’t wear and tear soon and doesn’t get dirty easily. It’s especially important for homes with small children and pets.

Additional features

This might not seem like the most important thing to consider but some people do prefer maximized comfort for their money. So look for some nice extras like storage space, remote controls, pockets, cup holders and other features.

Review of the Best Wall Hugger Recliners


If you are looking for a chair to relax in while watching TV or movies, this might be the option for you. It looks like it has all the features to keep you in the chair for hours. Extra soft padding, easy one-touch reclining action and comfort features will make sure of that.

The cover fabric is very nice and soft to the touch but at the same time durable and water- and stain-resistant. It looks and feels very much like natural leather but let it not deceive you: it’s made of synthetic materials. However, it’s not necessarily a bad thing as natural leather tends to wear out quickly. 

This chair allows you choosing just about any position between sitting upright and completely lying down while feeling perfectly comfortable whatever you do. Watch a movie, type away on your laptop or tablet or just take a nap. 

There are additional features designed to enhance your comfort. The swiveling table can be attached to any arm and set in any position you like. Cup holders, hidden storage, USB chargers, everything here is meant to keep you in this chair for a while.

When you have an elderly person to care about, you know you need a recliner like this. First of all, because it’s one of those recliners that won’t make you break the bank but still offers decent quality. Second, because of all this extra cushioning, that makes it so comfy to sit in. And finally, because of the power lift feature that assists users when they want to stand up. Of course, these features will benefit not only elderly people but also those who are recovering after injuries or people with physical disabilities. 

This recliner isn’t designed to fully unfold into the horizontal position but the back does recline far enough to let you lie back and take a nap. But then again, it’s not supposed to be fully reclinable.

The reclining feature works gradually and smoothly, as well as the power lift so there is no need to worry about any kind of inconvenience.
While it can’t boast a large number of additional features, a storage pocket at the side of the chair and remote control are enough to make this option worth considering.

This is another affordable option which, at the same time, gives you good value for your money. It’s a very basic recliner, without any extra features but taking into account the price of the chair, it’s hardly surprising. 

It does what a recliner is supposed to do and does it well. There is no mechanism that will recline it for you. All you have to do is to sit down and push back against it to make it go backward and the footrest go up. Get up and it will return into the upright position.

The chair offers extra soft padding and the plush fabric is very nice to the touch. Keep in mind that the footrest might be too short for you if you are over 6 feet tall. 

Overall, it looks like a good deal, especially for those who just want a recliner in the most basic form without any fancy extras.

If you want a comfortable recliner that will offer a great support for your back and your legs, this might be a great pick. It’s nothing fancy, to be sure, and it won’t win any design awards but it’s large, soft and comfortable. 

It seems like it was specifically designed to put you to sleep effectively and in no time. One of the great things about this chair is it reclines almost all the way back. And all you haver to do to make it unfold is pull at the plastic lever on the side. Thanks to this feature, you can make sure that the chair will stay reclined and won’t go back into the upright position as soon as you get up. Besides, it provides a gentle rocking motion which will not be a great advantage only in case you insist on staying awake and alert. 

The upjolstery is clearly made to last. Soft and plushy, it’s quite thick and makes it very easy to clean. It’s worth noting that the chair is quite large and most likely, will accomodate a tall person nicely.

If you are specifically looking for a chair that’s oversized, sturdy and very comfortable for a larger person, this is the one you might want to consider. Taking into account the fact that it was designed to endure as much as 500 lbs of weight, it’s safe to suggest that it will serve you for years. The reinforced steel frame will make sure of that and all the extra padding will make you feel comfortable whatever you do.

It’s not the cheapest option out there but taking into account the chair’s heavy duty components and high-quality materials, it’s not surprising. 

The chair isn’t fully reclinable and does not offer any extra features apart from the basic reclining option. There are controls on the side of the chair that make it recline and go back to the upright position that are no trouble to use. 

Keep in mind that the chair comes unassembled and you might need some assistance to put it together.

Here’s another decent recliner that offers all the comfort of a quality chair without hurting your budget. Of course, it offers little apart from that but it’s great value for money. 

It’s a full-sized chair that will recline to an almost horizontal position, which is great for those cases when you want to relax completely and take and extra comfortable nap. Besides, it also rocks ever so slightly. Enough to help you relax and not be annoying. 

Another nice thing about it is the way it looks. It’s might be great to know that your chair is not just durable and comofrtable but also looks good in your room. 

Apart from looking good and being satisfyingly soft, the microfiber cover is extremely thick, durtable, easy to clean and has water-resistant properties.

It’s one of those chairs that will look great in any space. In case sophisticated contemporary aesthetic is something that sounds appealing to you, this chair might just strike your fancy. 

It doesn’t go full horizontal and reclines at an angle but thanks to its plump cushioning you don’t feel any discomfort. And it’s a rocker reckliner too, so it makes relaxing and de-stressing extremely easy.

It’s just a recliner with no added features so in case you want more for your money it might not be for you. But keep in mind that it’s one of the most affordable chairs of this type on the market thait does look expensive and eye-catching.

It’s worth mentioning that you’ll have to assemble the chair once it arrives. But all you’ll need is a screwdriver to attach the back.

This chair looks and feels like a high-end product at a very affordable price. Designed to keep you relax and de-stress after a long day at work, it offers a number of very appealing features. 

Like some other recliners on this list, it’s more than just a piece of furniture. Apart from supporting your body in a reclining position and offering all the soft padding for maximum comfort, it also has massage and heating features that help relieving tension in your upper back and lower body. 

 It doesn’t recline very far back (and it’s most likely not supposed to) but offers nice support for your legs and feet. To be able to enjoy the massage feature, you’ll have to plug the chair in. There are multiple massaging devices built into various parts of the chair that help you enjoy a full-body massage with maximum comfort.


What is a wall hugger recliner?

A wall hugger recliner is a chair that doesn’t recline too far back. This allows placing chairs of this type very close to walls. While wall hugger recliners can’t be reclined into a horizontal positiom, they are great for small spaces and help avoiding clutter.

Can recliners go against wall?

Even wall hugger, or, as they also call them, wall saver recliners must have some distance between the back of the chair and a wall. Usually it’s a few inches. The name itself suggests that chairs of this type have reclining parts. If you place a chair like this straight against a wall, this will render it useless as a recliner. In case there is extreme shortage of space in your room, you might want to consider purchasing a regular chair instead.

What is wall saver recliner?

A wall saver recliner is just another name for a wall hugger. It’s a recliner chair that can be placed close enough to a wall.

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