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Top-3 Swivel Recliners

This quality allows turning your chair in any direction you choose without standing up from it. It’s especially convenient when standing up is an issue (for example, if a person using a recliner chair is a pregnant woman, an elderly person, a disabled person or someone recovering from physical trauma). 

Swivel recliners often come with other functions, most often a rocking function. However, sometimes they have a massage feature as well. But it doesn’t mean that it’s about all you can expect from a recliner chair. These chairs come in all shapes, colors and sizes imaginable and can satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Who are swivel recliners for?

The short answer is recliners are for whoever enjoys relaxing with maximum comfort. However, there are certain groups of people who can get especially significant benefits from using a swivel recliner on an everyday basis.

People with spine and joints issues

When reclining in a chair, you can relax your body completely and instantly feel some pain relief just thanks to the fact the tension in your muscles goes away. Besides, this position improves blood and liquids circulation in your body, which removes the unpleasant sensation of heaviness in your legs and feet.

People with physical disabilities and people recovering from injuries and surgeries

Recliners offer the support and comfort no regular chair can provide. For handicapped people and those with limited mobility due to an injury or post-surgery rehabilitation, moving from one chair to another may be a great issue. Unlike any other piece of furniture, recliners can provide reliable support for your body whether you sit, recline or lie down. And it doesn’t take much effort to make it transform from one position to another.

Elderly people

Limited mobility and health issues that come with the old age make recliners almost indispensable when it comes to elderly people. The adjustability and mobility of swivel recliners help to relieve pain and stress on the joints and muscles, give older people a sense of independence and confidence and provides much-needed comfort.

Pregnant and nursing women

The changes in the body that come with pregnancy cause many issues, from heaviness in legs and feet and swollen joints to sleep issues and back pain. And since the chance to relax, have some rest and a sound sleep means a great deal for pregnant women, recliners are incredibly helpful. Again, it’s their adjustability that plays an important role. Future moms can move them to any position they feel the most comfortable in at the moment. Besides, the swivel feature gives them mobility without the necessity to stand up and walk around and the gentle rocking motion provides the soothing and calming effect. And nursing moms can enjoy the comfort and support that helps them relax during breastfeeding.

Anyone who needs to relax and de-stress after a long way spent running around

Recliners help to relax, calm down and provide stress relief like no other chair, sofa or bed. There’s nothing better after a long stressful day than to be able to stretch your legs and recline in a comfy recliner and feel all the tension seep away.

Review of the Top Swivel Recliners

This chair is designed to bring ultimate comfort to its owner. It seems to have everything you can wish for in a recliner: 360-degree rotation, smooth rocker, and a nice vibration massage function. It will even warm you up as you enjoy the relaxing massage. Besides, storage pockets and cup holders are added for even more comfort.

In terms of aesthetic design, it’s not particularly striking but has that solid classic look about it. And while the cover is not expensive genuine leather or high-quality faux leather, it’s quite sturdy and durable.

It’s not a fully-reclinable chair but it has a generously-sized padded footrest to lift your legs up and relax completely. 

The chair comes with a remote controller to choose your favorite mode out of eight vibration and five massage modes, an intensity level or add some gentle heating.

This is the chair that will look equally good in a bedroom, living room or nursery. The stylish midcentury modern-meets-contemporary design makes it look very fun and elegant. The microfiber cover reminds of expensive linen but feels plushy to the touch. This is one of those cases when fabric cover can be both beautiful and practical, as it’s durable and water and stain-resistant. 

It features rather plump cushioning on the back and seat that makes it feel nice when reclined. There is no extra padding on the footrest but it doesn’t feel less comfortable for that.

While it’s not an extra large and durable recliner for taller and heavier people, its weight limit of 225 lbs should be enough for most customers. Besides, the fact it features a rather high back makes it quite comfortable for people with height above average. 

The swivel and rocker mechanisms allow the chair moving smoothly and quietly. However, it should be noted that this recliner doesn’t rock when fully reclined.

This is one of those recliners that offers you a great deal for your money. First of all, it’s a great looking piece of furniture that offers the high-end masculine classic design with the cover that looks and feels just like genuine leather. With its sturdy construction and durable frame made of solid wood and reinforced metal, as well as its weight capacity of 330 lbs, it might be a great option for large people. But no matter what your body type is, this chair has everything to keep you comfortable. And there is plump cushioning with extra padding all over the chair to make you feel enveloped in comfort. 

Apart from the rather basic reclining, swivel and rocker functions, this chair offers a gentle massage and heating function. So you can relax completely feeling the tension go away.

In case what you want is not just a recliner but an eye-catching statement piece, this is a great option for you. Pulaski Ashewick Swivel Glider Recliner looks wonderfully inviting with its streamlined design and sweet combination of the toned-down palette and sweet decorative pattern.

It seems equally suitable for living rooms as comfy seating, for bedrooms as a reading chair and nurseries as a nursing piece. 

The swivel and gliding functions make the chair move very smoothly, enough to keep you relaxed. The chair, however, doesn’t glide when fully reclined.

To add to its advantages, this chair is fully reclinable, which makes it even more comfortable. Just pull at the lever on the side to make the back recline and then push gently back to make it recline even further back. It returns into the upright position effortlessly.

This chair might be a great choice for someone prepared to pay more for quality, style, and extra comfort. It reclines almost all the way back. It offers swivel function up to 270 degrees. It also glides gently when you feel like rocking yourself and your baby to sleep. But more importantly, it offers a little more than that. For example, there is an electronic control panel that allows changing the position of the chair with a single push of the button. Apart from that, there is a USB charger for your mobile devices. 

What is especially important to know for nursing moms out there is that all materials used to make this chair are completely free of chemical retardants. There are no harmful substances and no danger of combustion.

If you feel like the design is as important as comfort and quality, this might just be the option to consider. Naomi Home Odelia Swivel Rocker Recliner looks incredibly sweet and compelling thanks to the soft velvety microfiber upholstery and the contrasting trim and buttons on the back. 

Thanks to its pastel palette it will undoubtedly become a decoration for any nursery room. Whether you are a pregnant or a breastfeeding mom, it will deliver all the comfort you and your baby need.

The footrest is adjustable so you can move it into any position you think most comfortable. Thanks to the reinforced metal mechanism, the chair is incredibly durable and designed to serve for years to come.

For such an affordable chair, Delta Children Dylan Nursery Recliner is a great combination of quality, design, and comfort. And since it was specifically designed for nursing parents, it has everything a pregnant woman or a breastfeeding mom might need.

First, it’s the quality of materials and construction. This recliner is sturdy and well made, inside and out. Heavy-duty wood & steel frame and thick durable upholstery are certainly made to last.
Second, it’s the smooth action of reclining, gliding and swivel mechanisms. There is no wobbling or jerking, the chair moves gently and quietly and goes back to the upright position in the same smooth manner.

Finally, it’s a beautifully elegant design. Subtle blush tone and classic nailhead trim will look great in a nursery room.

Even if you spend a lot of time in the nursery room, it doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t look great. Pulaski Sutton Swivel Glider Recliner is one of those chairs that can add sophisticated notes to any interior. And it’s not just for the nursery: you can place it in any room to the same effect.

The plushy microfiber cover that looks and even feels just like suede looks incredibly appealing. And the fact that the fabric is very durable and easy to maintain helps a great deal. You can actually remove it to clean (manually or in a washing machine).

Another great thing about this recliner is it’s a so-called wall hugger. This means it’s a space-saving piece of furniture you can place close to a wall.

If you are looking for a quality recliner that’s both stylish and comfortable, this might be your pick. It swivels in any direction, reclines enough to provide great support for your body as you sleep and glides with a gentle rocking motion. 

It’s hard to not appreciate the extra padding all over the chair – on the high back, armrests, and well-sized footrest. It’s worth noting that while it’s very easy to bring it into a reclined position by pulling the tab at the side of the chair, there are no controls to make the footrest fold down.

This chair doesn’t just offer the best value for your money but manages to look stunningly stylish at the same time. No matter if you use it for nursing a child, reading a book or sleeping, it will always deliver comfort and high-quality features. 

You can easily recline by pulling at the plastic latch on the chair’s side, position it in any direction or feel it gliding with a slight rocking motion. The chair can do all of that almost soundlessly, which is especially important when there’s a baby in your arms.

There are two reclining positions: by reclining at 90 degrees you can comfortably watch TV or read and the 150-degree recline is quite comfortable for having a nap.

This is one of the more expensive options on the list and you can tell why just by looking at it. The chair looks very eye-catching thanks to its solid classic design, soft and durable PU leather cover and contrasting seams. 

There are no added features but the traditional reclining, swivel and rocking functions. However, the chair makes up for it by offering extra comfort whatever you use it for. There is extra plump cushioning on the headrest and armrests and an additional pillow padding for lumbar support.

Swivel recliners FAQ

How do you stop a swiveling swivel recliner?

If you want to stop your swivel recliner from swiveling, there are a few ways to do it. Each of them largely depends on what type of recliner you’ve got and what kind of swiveling mechanism it has. First of all, you might need to turn the chair upside down and have a look at its swiveling system. One of the solutions is to tighten the screws so that the swiveling mechanism stops moving. Another solution is placing a rubber or metal spacer or bushing between the swiveling mechanism and the chair’s bottom and secure it in place.

Can you lock a swivel recliner?

It depends on the type of the recliner you own but some recliners do offer the possibility to temporarily lock the swivel function. This possibility is most often there for the recliners designed for seniors to make it easier for elderly people to sit on and get off the recliner. To have the swivel function locked, sit down in your recliner and pull at the recliner lever, then push it back to return to the upright position. Find a knob underneath one of the arms near the chair base and turn it to lock the swiveling function.

How do you stop a recliner from moving?

If you don’t want your recliner, or any other piece of furniture, to move around, use furniture grippers. They are small round stoppers commonly made of cork or rubber or other softer materials. You attach them to your chair’s legs or base which will make them remain stable and skid-proof.

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