Top Recliners on the Market

Top-3 Recliners

A recliner is a chair with a special mechanism that transforms it for the best comfort and convenience. You can adjust the backrest at any angle (typically, from 3 to 8 positions). The extendable footrest allows you to relax your leg muscles, which is essential for people who live their lives in constant motion, as well as for people who spend a lot of their time sitting up front. The ability to relieve stress from your spine, neck, and shoulder, stretch your legs, knees, and feet is priceless, especially when your day is not over yet. You can work, read, watch TV, play video games or take a nap with ultimate comfort. The chair reduces the pressure on the cervical vertebrae, maintaining your optimal body position, and the headrest replaces an orthopedic pillow, A recliner is widely used not only at home but also in offices, recreation/nursery rooms, medical and preventive institutions and so on. Besides, a recliner is a great gift for the elderly. An important feature of a recliner is the material from which it is made. Solid wood or stainless steel is often used for the base/frame, high-density foam or coils are used for the padding, and microfiber, polyester, bonded/genuine leather, suede, cotton, and other fabrics are used for the upholstery. Typically, the materials are hypoallergenic, absorb heat and moisture, soft to the touch, and eco-friendly.

Recliner Types

The simplest recliners are controlled manually. To change your position, you just have to pull the lever on the side or press against the backrest/footrest.

Apart from manual models, manufacturers please customers with power (electrical) recliners. Such recliner products are in high demand. They usually come with remotes or control panels. They are suitable for people with back/leg problems, people who had surgery, or feeding mothers. A remote controller can be a separate device with a power cord or a built-in accessory. There is no need for any efforts – you have to push a button on your remote/panel, and the chair will automatically recline in an optimal position. You just relax and feel the blood circulating all over your body with no pressure at all. 

Special models with swivel mechanisms have also been manufactured, which allows the chair to rotate 360 degrees. Then you also have rocker-recliners with back-and-forth rocking feature, and gliders (horizontal back and forth motion). 

For those with back problems or those who need more comfort and relaxation, there are massage recliners. They can be referred to as professional models, as they are able to make high-quality massage like they do in spa salons. The look of such recliners may resemble a transformer rather than a traditional leather recliner model, but the effect is incredible. Partly due to special niches in the armrests and footrest which interfere with your arms, lumbar, thigs, and legs during the massage session. These parts of your body get tightly pressed by the airbags in the recliner, rubbed and kneaded. Massage recliners usually have several preset massage modes (typically 5-8, but some have over 40), but you can also set your own custom massage sessions. Not all of them will reach your deep tissues, though. Most of the recliners under $500 usually have vibration points/nodes which are not as efficient as massage rollers in more expensive models. However, vibration models are still great for proper relaxation and pressure relief. Plus, most of them come with an additional heating feature for your lumbar/waist area.  

Most recliners also have a set of bonus features such as side pockets, cupholders, USB ports, storage compartments, built-in speakers, side trays, etc.

Adjustable footrest. Usually, a footrest is a part of the whole recliner set (there are also models with a separate footrest). A retractable footrest can be easily (most of the time) hidden in the bottom of the recliner by pulling it down with your legs. Recline can be done in two ways: a one-piece footrest can be uplifted by a built-in telescopic device or there are two retractable dolphin-style upholstered benches that match together when fully reclined. 

The shape of the backrest and seat in such chairs is often ergonomic, i.e. designed to suit anatomical characteristics of the body. 

Recliner sofa. A recliner sofa can be called a sectional design, i.e. the combination of several chairs (modules). This structure allows you to adjust each module at your discretion, as it is independent of other chairs. At the same time, such a furniture element carries out the direct functions of a regular sofa. Various sofa types in terms of sizes, shapes, and a location (e.g. angular) are produced.

How to adjust a recliner?

The most popular models include three main positions:

Sitting position

A regular straight position when the chair is reclined at a 100° angle intended for reading, talking, and so on.

Half-lying position

This one is intended for watching TV, the chair is reclined at 110.

Lying-down "sleeping" position

The footrest is lifted and the backrest is fully reclined. This is the most comfortable way for rest, relaxation, and sleep.

Depending on the model, various positions of the backrest can be available to the user. The most expensive electric models have up to 100 adjustment options. Some recliners are equipped with a special ergonomic position, recommended by doctors, for optimal body posture.

The chair is controlled in the following ways:


A built-in control panel or a remote control developed to allow you to set any comfortable position. A significant advantage is the memory of the chair which is able to remember 2-3 optimal modes.


Manual recliners want you to use your own weight against the backrest of the chair to choose a convenient position. You can return to the initial position by using the lever/handle on the side. The downside is that not all models can be fully reclined.


Sensor recliners are considered the most innovative to date. Sensors are built in the armrests: one button lowers the backrest and another one lifts it.

Recliners have a wide application and are considered an exquisite interior element. It is designed to improve comfort from an orthopedic point of view. 

If you appreciate technological, comfortable, and attractive upholstered furniture, buy a recliner. You can surely find the right model with appropriate design and features in our catalog below.

Review of the Top Recliners on the Market

This push-back recliner is a pretty good deal for sure. It has hundreds of positive reviews from people of various ages. The price is really affordable as well. You may be feeling a bit uncomfortable about buying such a piece of furniture online when you can’t actually sit in it, especially if it’s your first recliner. We know that! But you should have no worries about this one. Trust us. It’s a reliable and elegant product with high-quality skin-friendly PU leather and high-density thick foam padding. Moreover, it has wide thick-padded armrests and a large seat cushion, as well as sturdy plastic feet, and an adjustable easy-to-pull-down thick-padded footrest. 

There’s no doubt it’s an absolute steal for the money! A truly high-quality unit that is indeed outstanding in terms of comfort and durability (a thick steel frame guarantees a reliable reclining mechanism), compared to other recliners of the same price. It’s really easy to assemble and clean, plus, you will not smell any odors coming from it. It may look ordinary to some, but wait until you touch it and sit in it – that’s when you know you’ve made the right choice. Beige, Brown, and Gray color options are also available.

Look at this attractive arm-chair from Acme. It would still be nice even without all the features and reclining capabilities! But it does have something else in it, apart from just a cute finish. The Arcardia recliner can boast with a sturdy hardwood frame and armrests for improved durability and longer lifespan. Some people claim that the mechanism is a bit hard to recline as well as the footrest is not that easy to pull down with your legs, but that doesn’t in any way mean the structure’s quality is poor. It’s just, well, what you get for the price! The recliner also has a stain-resistant eco-friendly microfiber upholstery for your convenience (it’s not that soft, but is really easy to care for), so you don’t have to worry about not being able to get rid of accidental spots. We would still, of course, recommend you to treat it carefully and use certain cleaners. 

It’s very easy to assemble (just slide the backrest into the base). You have a lever on the side to fully lower the backrest and pull the footrest up – that’s when you can feel ultimate comfort. Yout can take a nap or sleep in this recliner with no problems. Of course, it’s not that luxurious as some $1000+ Lay-Z-Boy recliners, but for this price, you’re getting what you expect – a comfortable and reliable piece of furniture. We would not recommend this option for your living room, but you can surely put it in your basement, garage, etc. Beige, light-brown, and sage color options are also available.

This thick-padded recliner from Flash Furniture can perfectly fit your living room and surprise you with exceptional comfort as you watch your favorite TV shows, movies, work on your laptop, or hang out with your family and friends after a tough day. The recliner has a rocking function, which means it’s also a great option in case you need a nursery chair. You can lull your baby or cradle yourself to fall asleep in this chair with no problems – all due to its gentle back and forth rocking. 

The generously padded backrest, seat, and armrests (5″ of CA-117 fire retardant foam) will definitely provide enough comfort for your body and recharge you for an upcoming day. The reclining mechanism of this chair is fast and really easy to get used to – you just pull the lever and chill in your favorite position, as your neck and back are reliably supported by the recliner. The cleaning process will not bring any difficulties, too, as the high-quality brown faux leather, with genuine leather inserts, is very easy to clean. 

This elegant chair from Esright is just a bang for your buck! It’s actually hard not to miss something when you talk about its features and functions – there’s no many of them! Let alone it’s comfort and durability, it has a massage, rocking, and even 360-degree swiveling functions in it! The high-quality PU leather is breathable and skin-friendly. You can have your best time at home while rocking or spinning in it, reclining to 140 degrees or taking a nap, sipping your drinks (has 2 cupholders) while reading your favorite book (has 2 side pockets), enjoying any of 5 available massage modes (has a remote controller, 2 intensity levels, and 8 massages notes for your back, lumbar, thighs, and legs).

If your lumbar feels cold – you can also use a heating function! The padding of this recliner is generously thick and ergonomic, so you will not feel any discomfort after a few hours of chilling in the chair. PU leather (cream, brown) and fabric (grey, grey-new, coffee, coffee-new) recliner options are also available.

This is, probably, one of the most elegant and stylish-looking recliners on the list. If you think your place should look like a castle (or if you feel yourself a knight), then Christopher Knight Home knows how to make one! The manufacturer provides furniture pieces to make your home look exactly like a castle! Ultimate comfort is guaranteed by the furniture brand that knows well how to satisfy its customers with unique design, quality, and attention to various details. Through many years of manufacturing, CKH has proved to be a reliable company to produce high-quality classic furniture pieces that combine mid-century and modern vibes in a perfect mix. Their recliners are always looking neat and shine with stylish smoothness. 

The chair may not look like your typical bulky recliner, but once you sit in it, you can feel that extra-padded cushioning and use a convenient footrest to provide maximum comfort for yourself. If you value stylish classic furniture, durable fabric upholstery, and feel the need to add gracefulness to your home decor as well as more comfort to your life – think no more and get this wonderful set of two recliners for an affordable price! Get it, lean back in it, and enjoy your time in it! Various color options, including muted blue, green, orange, purple, yellow, red, wheat, and slate, are available for purchase.

This armchair from Divano Roma features an extra-wide thick-padded soft seat and overstuffed armrests designed for prolonged sitting with ultimate comfort. The chair has a durable hardwood frame and precisely selected high-quality bonded leather upholstery which is really easy to clean. You can fully recline in it and surround yourself with impeccable coziness to properly chill or take a nap in it. The assembly process is very easy as well – requires not more than 5 minutes – you just open the box and attach the backrest to the base via special brackets. That’s it. 

The soothing rocking function of this recliner is perfect for nursery needs, so if you have a need to rock your baby (or breastfeed it), this chair is a great option. You can, of course, work, read, watch your favorite movies, listen to your music, or simply sleep in it. By the way, the chair actually looks much better than the one you see on the picture. And it feels great as well (we have tested it ourselves so we know what we are talking about). You will have your guests getting in line to try it – to let them or not, is up to you! Brown color option is also available.

This popular thick-padded rocker recliner model from Dorel Living is ready to provide ultimate comfort and perfect massage for you and your whole family (or just for you if you don’t feel like sharing). The large-size chair can fit any small home and will perfectly add to your decor. The design of this massage recliner is really alluring due to its overstuffed cushions in the seat, armrests, and back. You just want to fall in it, recline it (the lever-based mechanism is really smooth), and never get up! At least, that’s what we thought when we first saw it. And when you start rocking in it, you may get yourself to sleep really fast. Especially, if you had a long hard working day. 

As you understand, this recliner can also be of great help for nursery needs. But it also can give you a great relaxing massage! The chair has 2 massaging zones which can be used together or separately. Plus, it has several intensity levels. By the way, be careful with letting this chair massage your body in full power – you may get impressed with how intensive the vibration is, and your massage session might become kind of a challenge. However, if you prefer a tough healthy massage, don’t mind the warning and try it. 

The microfiber upholstery of this model from Dorel Living is really durable, easy to wash, and, most importantly, it’s a real pleasure to touch and feel (quite soft). It provides this leather-like look and comfort (the padding is made of high-quality foam), which makes you love both the finish and feelings you get when you sit in this recliner. A Chocolate color option is also available for purchase. Aim at this chair if comfort is your main priority!

Another great massage recliner with cool features and super comfortable headrest! This time it’s the product of HomCom. And the features are impressive – you have 360-degree swivel and rocking functions, a remote control that you can use to easily choose any of 5 massage modes (Pulse, Press, Auto, Normal, Wave), 4 massage zones (back, thighs, lumbar, legs), 2 intensity levels (low/high), built-in heating function for your back, a timer to ensure you will have enough massage for one day, 4 storage pockets (2 side pockets and 2 in the front), and 2 cupholders for your convenience. 

On top of all this, the comfort of this recliner (150-degree maximum recline angle) is simply outstanding – you have an overstuffed seat, curved and wide armrests, and a thick headrest to enjoy every second of your relaxation in this chair. It also has a great weight capacity and is able to hold up to 330 lbs. You can use a recline control handle on the side, which is really easy to pull. The cleaning process will not cause any problems, too – the recliner is upholstered in durable and easy-to-clean high-quality PU leather. Brown, Black, and Red color options are also available.

Now for something different. Here we have a power lift recliner from Mcombo which is a really great product to have, especially for the elderly. The counter-balanced mechanism of this model pushes the whole chair up to assist when getting up, without any stress to knees or back. This is possible due to a powerful TUV-certified motor built in the strongest frame construction. To recline the way you want, you just need to push to buttons and recline the chair almost completely (140 degrees) or partly (to watch your TV), depending on your needs. With this chair, you don’t have to worry about falling backward when reclining – the manufacturer has taken care of that – this recliner has a reliable anti-back-tipping design for your safety. The chair also has vibration (8 built-in vibrating nodes) and heating (in the lumbar area) functions for your total relaxation and incredible experience. 

You can have an amazing massage session by choosing between 9 preset massage modes and 5 intensity levels. Recline your chair, choose the time (10/20/30 minutes), and enjoy your massage! High-quality durable faux leather makes it easy to clean the chair without any wax or oil. Increased convenience is provided by 2 USB ports to charge your iPhone or/and iPad, 2 side pockets to keep our accessories within reach, and 2 cupholders for your favorite drinks. We didn’t mention overstuffed armrests, a thick headrest, and backrest, but you can see it all yourself on the pictures. And it feels even better than it looks!

Now, when you look at this large overstuffed contemporary wall hugger recliner, it may seem like it’s going to blow up, doesn’t it? It’s so thick and puffed-up that one might think there’s a pump hidden behind it there somewhere. No worries, it’s a safe recliner and will not explode for sure. Instead, it delivers ultimate comfort and relaxation, especially for people after surgery or with back problems. The traditional-style chair only needs 4″ from your wall to fully recline, which is a really nice space-saving feature. You will surely add some great aesthetic element to your home decor with this sturdy and high-quality product. 

The chair comes wrapped in the neat blue-color stain-resistant microfiber upholstery, really soft and easy to clean. You will love the size, high-end mechanism, and all the benefits this recliner offers for such an affordable price. Many top-class recliners of such great quality cost much more. Plus, you will have absolutely no problems with the assembly – the chair comes in 4 pieces which require not more than 10 minutes to assemble. Brown, Chocolate, Grey, Mocha, and Green options are also available for purchase.

Homelegance offers its vision of a comfortable recliner with this large and overstuffed chair. What we really liked about this one, is its plush premium microfiber upholstery which looks and feels simply incredible. The manufacturer has been producing functional classic and modern furniture elements for more than 30 years, so there’s no doubt you are getting what you expect. Quality means everything for Homelegance. Apart from top-class charcoal gray upholstery and high-density foam, you also have a cool rocking feature which can come in handy when you read, feel bored, or simply want to take a nap – gentle rocking can make you forget about everything and enjoy your private time with yourself. 

By the way, you can also get a matching set of two recliners and make yourself a real Love Chair to spend some time together with your second half, watching a movie or your favorite TV show. Or you can get an entire Sofa! Both mentioned options are available for sale as well as 100% polyester upholstery. All in all, the chair from Homelegance is a perfect comfortable rocker-recliner to complement your living room decor and add significant comfort to your life. A Chocolate Brown color option is also available.

This elegant power lift recliner has one interesting feature that is built in its remote controller. You can use it to help you stand up or recline the chair to the fullest. Another remote control (yes, you have two controllers) is for managing your massage sessions. As you can see, this model is designed mainly for the elderly, however, of course, everyone can use it. You just grab that control and push a button to recline the chair and lift that built-in footrest (back and footrest work together). But that’s nothing new, right? The quality and your feelings after – that’s what matters. And that’s where, the recliner, in fact, delivers. We know, you will not believe us until you try it yourself, but we are not here to persuade – we just want you to know facts. You will love the assistance that the chair provides when you want to get up – it’s really easy and motivating! So you don’t have to worry about getting to lazy and spending all your day in the chair. 

You just push one button and the recliner “makes” you get up and do important stuff. What’s more? You have your standard 4 massage zones (lumbar, legs, thighs, back), 5 preset massage modes (Pulse, Press, Wave, Auto, Normal), and a heating function for lumbar/waist area. As for bonus features that increase convenience, again, it’s not something you haven’t seen before, but it’s still better to have them than, well, not. So you have dual cupholders and a side pocket for storing various accessories you may need in your chair. For this price, you get more than you expect!

This deluxe ergonomic recliner from Mecor brand has almost every bonus feature we have mentioned before (except for USB ports, and dual side pockets – there’s only one). The massage vibration system will not go deep under your skin to reach your tissues, which still feels amazing after a long day at work. For this price, this recliner chair is a real gift. Totally worth it! You have 8-point massage modes that can be aimed at whether your neck, spine or your shoulders. Then you also have the heating system that will take care of your lumbar area and eliminate pain and pressure. You have a 360-degree swivel function that allows you to rotate all around and also a rocking function which is great for additional entertainment and relaxation. 

People with back issues (or after surgery) will appreciate the ergonomic design and an adjustable footrest which easily pops up when you recline your chair to provide incredible comfort and relieve pressure from your joints, shoulders, neck, and spine. One more distinctive feature is a 160-degree reclination angle which is actually bigger than in all the previous models, meaning you can fully relax and take a real good nap. The high-quality PU leather is easy to clean, durable, and nice to the touch. The padding is made of high-density foam. The Brown color option is also available for purchase.

Have we mentioned man caves in this review? We have not. Well, there’s no better time than now! Because this soft recliner with microfiber upholstery from Relaxzen is a perfect addition to any man’s den! You will love its reliable heavy-duty construction as well as 8 powerful massage motors that work really hard to relieve stress from any of your 4 body zones. You can choose between 4 intensity levels and 9 massage modes with soft lumbar heating. Once you take a sit in this chair (no matter if you weigh 250 or 300 lbs), it will take you away from all the negative thoughts and stress you might get stuck in there. High-density foam will let you relish the feelings you will have from your time chilling in this chair. 

If your phone or tablet battery is dying there, no worries – you have 2 USB charging ports that you can use without any hassle and having to stand up, forcing yourself to walk to your nearest outlet. No time for pauses! Then you also have a nice pocket on the side to easily reach your remote control and change your massage mode, intensity level, or set another time on the timer if you feel like it. And, of course, you have that convenient handle on the side to pull when you feel like reclining or rocking. Everything is within your reach! If one of the rules in your cave or media room is quality relaxation – then the 60-701004M is the right product for your needs. The Beige, Black, Brown, Grey, and Realtree Camo color options are also available.

Another great UPLIFTING (in every sense) recliner model right here. This one’s from the BONZY brand. You will be surprised at how easy it is to get up from the chair – it’s like you just slide right out of it – all recharged and ready for a new challenge! Of course, if you are a senior, then you, probably, have had enough of challenges in your life. Well, then you can just visit your bathroom and have quality time there. This chair will also be a great gift for people with medical handicaps, nursing women, and hardcore loungers. If you know any or belong to any of the “classes” yourself, then this chair is for you! The recliner is wrapped up in high-quality micro-peached breathable upholstery which has water and stain resistance. It’s so soft to the touch! The upholstery adds comfort and the foam inside the chair makes you want to chill in it (“just a bit”) longer. So don’t forget to push that lift button if you feel you can’t control yourself! 

The chair also comes with neat and durable sewing which provides a sleek and stylish finish to match any living room or bedroom. Then you have thick cushion padding for increased comfort, non-skidding legs for stability, 2-button remote controller for easy use, a convenient side pocket on the side for anything you might need during your relaxation, e.g. a remote controller, your phone, magazines, iPad, gaming controllers, or any other accessories and small items. The weight capacity of this chair is 300 lbs, so you may rest on the heavy-duty steel frame without any worries because it will surely serve you well for years. This recliner was rigorously tested to ensure quality and a longer lifespan. The Chocolate color option is also available for purchase.

This soft recliner can easily become the most comfortable furniture piece in your home. Like many owners state, the chair is incredibly cozy and nice to sit it. It doesn’t rock or swivel, but if you’re ok without these functions, you will not regret purchasing this chair. Some people say, the fewer the features, the longer the lifespan. The recliner not that big at all and will effortlessly fit any small room. It’s a 3-position power lift chair that comes with a smooth and quiet reclining and lifting mechanisms for movement freedom and independence. And we have to tell you, they work really well for heavy mid-sized people. 

You have a remarkable vibrating massage function that many owners say they like more than shiatsu rollers. The reclination angle of this chair is 130 degrees, which is not much as in previous versions but quite enough for having a good rest. The elderly will appreciate this recliner for significant assistance when getting up – no difficulties and total independence. The assembly is really easy and fast. Overall, it’s definitely a good bang for the buck. The Black color option is also available.

If you will stop your search on this recliner, you should know that you are getting a chair from a company that started producing furniture elements back in 1912, and since then has maintained a serious reputation worldwide as one of the biggest recliner manufacturers in the industry. You can be sure in quality when it comes to Lane Home Furnishings. They say that “nobody builds a recliner bigger or stronger.” Well, probably? This chair has an impressive 500 lbs (!) weight capacity due to its enhanced wood frame that was designed for ultimate strength and stability, as well as extremely comfortable high-resilient foam (2.5 density), and heavy-duty reclining mechanism. It’s heavy (166 lbs) and large, but you know you can trust it for many years. Without any useless features, it does its main job really well. A tough big and stable recliner with a 7-gauge steel mechanism for a big man or woman… or two kids (simultaneous sitting). Made in the USA. There’s nothing else to add here. Ash, Burnt Tan, Cafe, Chocolate, Dorado Charcoal, Gladiator Charcoal, Lark, Pewter-grey, Tan, and Wine models (some have different upholstery, e.g. polyester) are available.

Right here we have high-quality lift recliner with genuine breathable leather upholstery. You can choose options with different upholstery as well, e.g. grey or black-brown leather, and fabric options (Sage, Blue, Brown, Cream, Grey color options). It’s a perfect ergonomic chair to fully stretch and relax as you read, watch TV, or sleep. Plus, if you are a senior person, gone through surgery or if you have any back/leg problems – you will definitely appreciate the lumbar support feature and significant assistance which this recliner provides when you need to get up. Moreover, the chair also comes with a powerful, quiet, and smoothly working motor and independent footrest/backrest adjustment. 

You also have an extended footrest for increased comfort and a convenient side pocket for your small accessories to be within the reach. The chair itself is neither too wide nor too narrow – just the right size! The genuine leather upholstery is breathable and really nice to the touch, and the overstuffed cushioning is dense enough but still soft to make you want to spend hours in the chair.

Enjoy total relaxation by pushing a single button and witness smooth and quiet operation as you chill in this amazing classic style recliner. As you push the button, first, the footrest goes up and then the backrest is reclined. Due to a thick-padded seat, armrests, and a backrest, the feeling is absolutely incredible. This chair does not have any zero-gravity features, but it feels like it does! The Domesis’s recliner is actually a wall-hugger, which means it has space-saving design and can be used close to the walls. That, in turn, means you will have no problems with it in small rooms which is an essential characteristic for some people. Plus, it’s a lift chair, which means it will gently help you get up when you want to. Cream, Brown, and Black color versions are also available.

Let us put it this way, you simply can’t get in an uncomfortable position when sitting in this recliner. Why? Because it’s generously overstuffed with the softest high-density foam and upholstered in the most amazing microfiber you have ever touched. It’s wide and really comfortable. And if you want to get really cozy every time you sit in your chair – this model is just for you. It feels great both to sit in it and get up from it due to a powerful electric motor that lifts the chair up when you need it. Simply push one button to recline it or another one to tilt. A heavy-duty metal frame and the mechanism itself will not let you down for sure. No hassle – just pure relaxation and energy recharging.

You have a side pocket on the right for the controller, your phone, tablet or whatever you may need there beside you in that chair. The only thing that may be a bit confusing is those relatively low armrests, but that can be an advantage as well, depending on how you prefer to sit/sleep in your chair. Overall, it’s a great thing to have in your home which makes people write their first reviews online, praising this chair for its ultimate comfort, durability, and softness. You can expect easy use and maintenance, a great footrest (reclines faster than the back), and a reliable and quiet motor operation. Brown, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Chocolate, and Cream color options are available.

Remember we have talked about making a castle from your home? Well, this elegant 3-position recliner from Kensington Hills is another luxurious alternative for mid-century lovers. The chair virtually represents a noble castle style in every single detail. You can surely add some class both to your living room or your den – in fact, it will complement any room decor and surely add some posh style to the interior. The recliner’s mechanism works in 3 ways and comes with a push-through arm reclining operation. Starting with its stunning light brown paisley polyester upholstery and ending with hardwood anti-skid legs. 

The finish is simply glorious, and the chair looks much better in reality. This high-quality stylish recliner will fit other black/brown/rust/gold colors and furniture elements in your castle room perfectly. Nobody would actually say it’s a recliner at first look. But then you see the picture with the uplifted footrest, and you start to believe it’s a recliner indeed. Plus, its reclining angle is pretty impressive – you can fully recline it to an almost flat position and have a good nap.

Another simple and reliable power lift recliner model on the list. It’s a wall huger as well so you only need 3.15″ from the wall to fully recline it. Many people like its firmness/softness balance and easy-to-clean polyester upholstery. It’s really easy to put together (requires not more than 10 minutes) and its heavy-duty wood frame is known to be extremely durable. You have your remote controller with two buttons responsible for reclining and tilting. The weight limit here is also quite good – 350 lbs, so you don’t have to worry about getting too heavy to sit in this chair. The maximum recline angle is 130 degrees. 

The seat is stuffed with tempered 7-gauge 8cm springs. If you have any surgery, back/leg issues, with this chair, you will be able to build up your strength and recharge without any family members’ assistance and harming yourself in the process. You will be able to get up independently from the chair. All in all, it’s definitely a valuable tool that can significantly impact your health recovering process in a positive way. Brick Red and Charcoal color options are also available. The upholstery looks really neat and tight just the way it arrives. 1-year warranty.

This power recliner from Pulaski Furniture (USA-based brand, 60 years of experience) has some interesting features that none of the previous models had. So you better read carefully! To start with, the chair comes with a stable swivel side table accessory for your laptop, snacks, or drinks. You can enjoy relax and enjoy your favorite TV shows or movies while eating or drinking (there are two built-in cupholders in each armrest) your favorite food/beverages or sit upright and work with your laptop on the side table. The table can be attached to any of the two armrests or hidden in a “secret” storage compartments inside the armrests. Oh yes! You can hide anything you want there! Ok, not everything but some small things you need there or don’t want anyone else to see. Plus, you have an outlet and 2 USB charging ports in those compartments to bring your iPhone, iPad, laptop, or any other device’s battery back to life. 

The chair is upholstered in premium breathable PU leather (80% polyester and 20% polyurethane) cover which is incredibly soft, durable, and easy to clean. reclines to different positions with just a single touch of a button. Overall, it’s a sturdy and comfortable theater-style multifunctional recliner with a reliable mechanism and frame to serve you well for years. Charcoal Grey, Chocolate Brown, and Red color options are also available.

This is one of those cases when, if you are skeptical about buying online when you can rely on the product and trust what you read and see. This massage recliner right here looks just like in the description and the quality is really satisfying. You have your massage feature with 8 powerful vibration motors, 5 different massage modes, 4 custom massage zone settings, 3 intensity levels, and a heating feature for your lumbar. No matter if you’re mid-size or tall – you will fit just fine in the recliner and immediately feel cozy. Once you pull up that footrest and fully relax, you know you have made the right choice. 

We just can’t express our feelings about those thick-padded arms (our favorite part of the chair) – they are so wide, soft and a little bouncy – very nice to rest your hands on. Putting this chair all together is not hard at all – you just need to slide the back into the base and then plug in 3 wires (red, white, and power cable) to connect the remote control to the recliner. The assembly will not take you more than 10 minutes. And you are ready to go! Overall, this chair is a lot of value for the money and it will serve you for a long time. New Ge, Black, and Dark color options are also available.

This sturdy Deluxe Glider from Evolur Harlow is a really good chair for mothers with newborns and a perfect addition to any nursing room. You can have your best storytimes, snuggling, or feeding times with the baby on your hands as you enjoy comfortable feelings, rotate (360-degree swivel feature), or glide in this modern style posh chair. If you need more warmth and comfort in your life, this chair can help you with that. You will like the way your tough days will change thanks to this glider. What’s especially convenient about this chair is its easy-to-reach 2-button control panel that is responsible for smooth reclining – the chair can recline in different positions to fit your current needs. 

You also have 2 spot-clean storage pockets for any small accessories that you may need for the baby or yourself when you sit in the chair. It fits in any small room perfectly and doesn’t take much space at all, so you can recline and enjoy watching TV, listen to your favorite music, read, or fully recline it to take a nap (as long as your baby lets you). Durable polyester fabric upholstery of this glider is really soft to the touch and easy to clean. And plush foam seating will satisfy any taste. The frame is made of solid wood. Grey, Shell, and Smokey Blue color options are available.

This massage recliner from SUNCOO is packed with features and it can effortlessly make your days warmer and, of course, fill them with ultimate comfort. You can rotate 360 degrees, rock back and forth, have a great massage session (8 vibration nodes that will take care of your waist, legs, back, and buttocks), choose your intensity level and time, or warm yourself up thanks to the heating feature. Plus, you have a convenient height-adjustable headrest and independent footrest for improved experience and pressure relief. 

This thick-padded chair comes wrapped up in high-quality PU leather which has high-density breathable foam padding underneath. Then you also have a durable solid wood frame that was built to last for years. The recline angle of this chair is 135 degrees, and you just need to touch a button to recline it. The chair is really cozy to lie in and easy to clean. It’s convenient to use and has useful add-ons. Did we mention 2 side pockets and 2 cupholders? Well, you have them! It’s really easy to assemble and doesn’t cost that much, considering all that you get for the price. Overall, it’s a great thing to spend time on cold winter days.

La-Z-Boy recliners need no introduction – they always come correct and can satisfy any user’s demands and compliment any decor. Lifetime warranty from the manufacturer with more than 90 years of experience says it all. When it comes to this manufacturer, what you see is what you get! And that’s, first of all, handcraft quality, ultra-comfort, unmatchable smoothness, and convenience. This manual Anderson rocker-recliner is an example of a reliable and comfortable chair. 

You have an easy-to-use handle on the side to effortlessly recline (separate backrest and footrest feature) the chair, adjustable tension feature and 3-position locking footrest mechanism for additional safety and support, total body (and lumbar) support, soft premium 100% polyester durable fabric, soft and dense arms, and high-grade plush seat foam with anti-sagging feature. The manufacturer also offers various fabric options and other upgrades for their chairs on the official website.

This big heavy-duty lift chair can hold up to 500 lbs of user weight, which is pretty impressive, compared to almost every previously reviewed recliner. Apart from that, you have a nice additional feature which is an emergency backup battery, so that you had no problems getting up in case your lights go off. Simply push a button on your remote when you need to stand up or recline. Both heavy-duty automatic reclining and lifting mechanisms run on powerful electrical motors and perform smooth and quiet. The price bites, but it’s definitely worth it.

The steel construction of the Superior recliner is strong and will not let you down. The split-back ergonomic design will definitely improve your comfort experience and provide additional support for your body. Resting in this chair brings total head-to-toe relaxation. Then you also have 2 side pockets on the sides of the chair for your books, magazines, newspapers, remote controls, phones, or gaming controllers. The Superior comes with a 1-year warranty for electrical parts and lifetime warranty for the frame. Bordeaux, Forest Green, and Ocean Blue color options are also available.

Who is it necessary for?

People who lead an active lifestyle at home or work. In this case, it is obligatory to put your feet on the footrest for proper blood circulation. The chair/sofa will help to relax 100%.

Athletes who need to relieve stress from their muscles and calm down an intense workout.

People who sit in regular chairs a lot. High-quality massage recliners are a must-have to help avoid back and leg issues as well as blood circulation issues.

Recliners are often placed in places of rest, recreation, or rehabilitation. It not only includes swimming pools, saunas, resorts, but also recovery centers, nursing homes or rooms, etc.

Where do you put a recliner?

A living room is the best place to put a smart chair. You watch your favorite TV shows and movies, read, listen to music, or just relax with impeccable comfort. If there is more than one transformer section in the set, everyone can choose their preferred position!

A recliner is a great choice for your office. When you have some spare time, you can sit in your recliner and stretch your legs, shoulders,  eliminate stress from your neck, shoulders, spine, back muscles and joints. At home, the chair can be positioned in front of the fireplace, in your bedroom, media room, den, man cave, or simply in a quiet corner, away from all the bustle.


What are the best brands of recliners?

If we are talking about US manufacturers, we would consider La-Z-Boy and Powell as leaders. Then you also have Christofer Knight Home, Lane, Ashley, Homall, Flash Furniture, Simmons, Catnapper, and Bradington & Young which make reliable high-quality products.

What are the most comfortable recliners?

Homall, Ashley Furniture, and La-Z-Boy are the first brands when it comes to most comfortable recliners. But that depends on your preferences.

Is it bad to sleep in a recliner every night?

No really, unless you are pregnant or have some serious health problems which don't let you sleep in your bed. Some people say that sleeping in a recliner can result in knee and hip contractures. However, ergonomic recliners are known for providing good blood circulation and other health benefits. You see, everything is individual. We can only recommend that you listen to your own body because it knows what's best for you.

Are recliners bad for you?

No. But you better recline your chair to 110-130 degree angle which is considered to be the best for the spine. However, you should never forget that no matter how good your recliner is, prolonged sitting is bad for your health. That's a fact, unfortunately.

What is the best material for a recliner?

We would like to say natural materials, but that depends on where you live. Genuine leather is really durable and easy to clean, but you may have problems with it if you live in a warm/hot climate. High-quality synthetics (microfiber, suede, PU leather, chenille) are the main alternative to leather. They have their own pros (including comfort, durability, and maintenance aspects) and will serve you well for years.

Should feet hang over a recliner?

No, they should not hang in the air. No feet over the footrest, dangling or touching the ground.

Is reclining better than sitting?

Yes. Sitting puts downward compression on your spine.

Is it bad to watch TV lying down?

Not THAT bad. You just have to feel comfortable and your posture has to be correct, without any pressure on your body. But then again, we would not recommend doing that for too long, unless you want eye problems or a double/triple chin when you get old (your neck muscles get weaker when you watch the TV lying down).

What is a power headrest on a recliner?

A power tilt headrest is an additional design feature that can be found in some power recliners. The headrest of such a recliner can be adjusted for an optimal position to provide increased comfort and neck support at the push of a button.

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