Best Recliners for Elderly

Top-3 Recliners for Elderly

One of the best recliner options for the elderly are the so-called power lift chairs that include a number of performance-enhancing features. Lift chairs are specifically designed to assist the elderly and individuals with limited mobility on a day-to-day basis, turning the normally arduous task of getting up into a near-effortless motion.

This in no way means that classic recliners are necessarily worse or less suitable. Modern recliner chairs are engineered so masterfully they are able to provide significant comfort for the elderly, from considerable pain relief in all parts of the body to simply creating a relaxing space for reading and other downtime activities.

When choosing between a standard recliner and a power lift chair, there are several main things that you might want to consider.

The most obvious one being the financial side of the deal. While there are a number of budget lift chair models, standard recliners are typically less expensive so they are considered to be the go-to choice when working under a set budget.

However, most power lift reclining chairs are partially covered by Medicare, so in cases when an elderly member of your family needs certain assistance due to their health condition, then a lift chair would be the perfect choice—and not to mention a more affordable one thanks to Medicare coverage.

Before going through with the purchase, though, consult your Medicare representative regarding the model and your viability for coverage. It is usually based on the nature of chair’s mechanism since lifting mechanisms fall under the definition of DME, or durable medical equipment.


Review of the Best Recliners for Elderly

The Baby Relax Rylan is a modern nursery recliner with a highly customizable swivel design, making it a great choice for any nursery setting as it brings together both the contemporary style and sturdy tradition to provide ultimate comfort.

Designed to be safe for both nursery use and as a perfect relaxation spot for the elderly, this Baby Relax Rylan recliner works as a swivel chair and a glider which is supported by a reclining mechanism and a foam-filled seat with a shape-responsive spring core. 

The reclining mechanism is hidden between the seat and armrest but can be pulled out whenever you need to make adjustments. The 3-position system allows you to glide, swivel at nearly 360 degrees, and recline in the way you find most comfortable.

Once you pull on the mechanism, the recliner begins to adjust until you let go at the preferred position. This makes for a deeply personalized experience and can accommodate your leisure on a day-to-day basis.

The leg rest comes with extra padding to provide your legs with desired comfort, able to alleviate the grief of swollen ankles and muscle fatigue.

The cool gray upholstery is soft to the touch and easy to clean, not to mention the all-around compatibility with a number of interior styles and decor elements. The matching gray welt trimming brings out the stylish shape of the recliner and makes for a perfect fit for your nursery as well as living room or any other space in your home.

The track armrests are designed for a reliable support of your arms when you need to rest them, providing full relaxation in times of exhaustion. The square full-size pillow at the back of the recliner offers complete support of your body, particularly your spine and neck.

The Serta Power Recliner in classic brown is a modern recliner aimed to provide ultimate relaxation and downtime for all members of the family. In particular it is designed to give the best support to the elderly or any member who might have a hard time moving due to arthritic joints or other conditions.

The Serta Power Recliner is reliably sturdy and relatively lightweight for the high degree of the durability its construction provides. The dependable steel assembly combines marine grade plywood and Pirelli webbing, all field-tested and observed to be capable of putting out over 15,000 cycles.

The long-lasting structure is backed by an operating mechanism just as stable and enduring. Push-button controls provide precise adjustment of the recline angle, allowing you to go in full-recline mode with one simple touch.

Once in full recline, you may also use the plush leg rest to prop your legs and relax after a hard day’s work. Elderly members of your family will find the feature extremely useful for alleviating bone and muscle aches as the recliner is suitable for sleep as well as brief periods of rest.

Featuring deep body cushions that contour your body, this Serta recliner provides luxury comfort with its padded seat and armrests for extra support. The traditional design of this recliner adds a soft touch of rustic charm, making it compatible with any style of room, from modern and contemporary to classic and retro.

Moreover, the plush brown upholstery comes with a solid wood effect finish, creating a more homey feeling that could brighten any room in your home, including your home office or study, dining room, bedroom, and even garage space.

The Best Selling Club Chair Recliner, manufactured by Christopher Knight Home, is an up-market model designed for the study, home office, or club room. This recliner serves as a perfect reading chair for both work and leisure as well as a comfortable relaxation and reading spot for an elderly family member.

Due to the nature of its construction, the club chair can be assembled at the required height, width, and depth with the maximum allowed dimensions indicated above. The solid frame is supported by the sturdy legs, giving the entire construction more stability without compromising the integrity of the design.

One of the main upsides of this model is its compact dimensions, with the seat reaching 20 inches in width and 22.25 inches in depth, making it a perfect fit for smaller spaces while still offering plenty of room to nap and relax in style.

In terms of mechanics, the club chair is equipped with a reclining feature that provides enough tilt control to create a comfortable angle for reading and catching some shut-eye.

If your study or living room is in need of a recliner with a more elevated style, this club chair will add an exclusive lounge-like feeling to any setting.

Upholstered with imported bonded leather and decorated with classic club-design lining, this recliner is a premium-grade showpiece item, perfect for an evening-in full of pleasant conversation and relaxing drinks.

While it might not be as plush as regular recliners, the chair provides a comfortable environment aided by the foot extension for those in need of resting their ankles and feet. Additionally, the strong hardwood base is able to safely support the weight of 250 lbs.

The Dorel Living Padded Massage Rocker Recliner is a highly versatile model designed to be a perfect relaxation spot for the elderly with added massage features to aid the alleviation of muscle pain.

As a full-recline model, this Dorel Living rocking chair creates perfect conditions for a midday nap or an after-work repose.

The comfort of its full recline angle is especially useful for the needs of elderly who might want to take a short rest throughout the day or use the smooth rocker function for some light reading. It is also easy to operate due to its simple lever release mechanism located under the seat. 

The major upside of this particular model is its dual massage feature. Located both in the seat and back sections, the massage mechanism offers full body coverage for maximum relaxation. It can also be selected for separate zones for whenever you need to massage only certain muscle groups.

Featuring the signature trendy Dorel design, this reclining rocker chair makes for a perfect addition to any setting with either modern or traditional aesthetic. The microfiber upholstery is hypoallergenic and extremely soft to the touch, adding more to the pleasant sensation during your downtime.

The foam seating with integrated spring structure creates the ultimate plush feeling further enhanced by the cushy arm padding for extra support. There are also special support pads for legs and knees which could provide essential relief for elderly family members with arthritic aches.

In addition, the recliner’s large cushions—both in the seat and the backrest—are sewn-in to prevent slippage and the accumulation of debris under the top layer.

Supporting the seating capacity of up to 225 pounds, the steel frame is extremely durable yet remains undetectable under the dense foam padding.

This recliner comes with an easy and quick assembly certified as small space approved, making it a good fit for an apartment, a condo, or a dorm room.

As one of the most popular customer choices, the RELAXONCHAIR MK-II Plus is a function-packed recliner with extended massage features that manages to strike a balance between affordability and high quality standards.

This massage chair is a full body recliner with zero gravity functionality and a full body scan feature. The body scan utilizes built-in sensors to measure the length of your spine and detect the correct points for the most effective massage.

There are 3 zero gravity positions designed to reduce the strain put on your vertebrae. As your feet are elevated to be on the same level as your heart, the strain of gravity is greatly diminished on problematic parts of your spine, bringing considerable relief such as reducing back pain and normalizing your heart rate.

When it comes to its main purpose of deep massage, the chair offers 4 automatic massage settings which are expert enough to replace a visit to a professional massage therapist. The 5 included massage techniques are Tapping, Kneading, Combo, Shiatsu, and Rolling, all of which can operate at 3 speeds and with 3 levels of airbag intensity control.

The primary function of the individual airbags located on the inner sides of the recliner is to inflate or deflate. The action is performed according to the selected setting in order to stretch your body in the required position. This feature contributes to relieving any tension you might have in your shoulders, neck, legs, and ankles.

Additionally, the deep tissue massage feature reaches deep inside aggravated areas of your body with human-like precision, while the full body stretch function provides the ultimate pain relief of what is referred to as body decompression.

Designed with a superior roller system that adapts to the natural shape of a human spine, the chair creates a perfect therapeutic experience for individuals with pains in lower back, glutes, and people with sciatica disorders. For extra pain relief, there are 2 dedicated heating pads positioned under your lower back to provide necessary lumbar heating.

The L-Track System engages rollers in a glide from the upper back all the way down under the seat, making sure not a single spot in your body is missed. Moreover, another dedicated set of rollers is aimed to massaging your calves, feet, and soles. This function is especially useful for elderly family members with frequent leg aches.

This state of the art recliner offers fully computerized control made easily accessible via a panel located near the left armrest side. While the console might look slightly complicated on first glance, mastering it poses no problem whatsoever, which makes it easy to operate for all family members.

In terms of appearance, the recliner keeps up with its high performance standards. The finish is done with top quality soft-grained synthetic leather, both easy to clean and pleasant to the touch. This particular model comes with a warm chocolate upholstery and form-accentuating lining that will help the chair blend right in with all types of interior decor.

With all of its pin-point massage features, extended reclining functions, and premium design, this chair is an unequivocally sophisticated and beneficial device for undertaking relaxation and pain relief sessions at your own leisure.

The Esright massage recliner chair is designed to provide a perfect place for relaxation in a quiet corner of your home, bringing the much desired comfort, functionality, and convenience of application.

Not only does this model deliver the freedom of movement, but also adds the extra feature for pain relief in the form of its built-in heating function. The intelligently designed heating pads are aimed to alleviate lumbar backache and keep you warm, sated, and pain-free.

The swivelling action, supported by the flexible seat construction, allows the full 360 degree movement, while the rocking and reclining features give you more options to choose the perfect position for personalized relaxation. 

The massage is performed with the application of 8 vibrating nodes that take care of the muscles of you upper back, lower back, thighs, and legs. There are 5 main massage settings— Pulse, Press, Wave, Auto, and Normal—and 2 vibration intensity parameters allowing you to further customize your individual experience.

All massage and heating features can be adjusted with the help of the remote control which fits neatly into the spacious pocket located under the armrest on the outer side. The remote also provides the time countdown option which you can set at 15, 30, or 60 minutes.

For those who might be worried about the installation process itself, there is no need for concern as the recliner consists of 2 easily assembled parts and a power module with connective wiring that can be hooked up worry-free. All wiring is neatly hidden by a finish-matching cover at the back, keeping the overall look seamlessly appealing. 

As for the appearance, the upholstery used for this recliner is made from durable and smooth PU leather that’s pleasant to the touch and easy to clean from accidentally spilled drinks. The thick padding of the seat and back is matched with cushy armrests and an adjustable headrest to create the ultimate comfort spot. In addition, the lever-operated footrest allows you to put up your legs after a long day of work.

From a more functional side of the design, the aforementioned pocket—suitable for storing remote controls, magazines, small books and electronic devices—is not the only space-efficient feature; the 2 cup holders located inside the armrests give you convenient placement for tea cups, coffee mugs, bottles beverages, and various accessories.

Able to support weights up to 300 pounds, this Esright recliner chair is a strong and ergonomic addition to any living room, family room, or study. Its seat size and reclining angle are small space compatible, and the various rocking and reclining features make it a perfect relaxation place for elderly members of your family.

The Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner is a powerful recliner chair with 3 adjustable positions and additional massage features.

Perhaps the first feature to stand out in the overview of this model is its functional versatility. The chair is equipped with special vibrating points, 8 in total, to provide soothing massage of certain muscles.

In addition, the heating pads are added for warming up the waist area to ease lower back pain and muscle aches. The intensity of the vibrations and the heater can be selected from 5 available levels. It can also be limited by a timer that turns off the selected function after 10, 20, or 30 minutes.

The recline of the backseat goes as far as 140 degrees, creating a comfortable place for a brief nap or regular rest, especially for senior family members in need of back and leg pain relief. Similar to the above mentioned features, the angle of recline can be adjusted via remote control that comes with the chair kit.

This recliner also supports a greater freedom of movement and weight—with the number as high as 320 pounds—thanks to its steel frame, sturdy base, and anti-back-tipping construction.

In addition to the power lift assist mechanism, this model features a TUV certified motor that provides a consistent power supply while keeping operational sound to a minimum as not to disturb your downtime.

Not only does this Mcombo recliner boast a modern, premium-looking design with black faux leather upholstery and thick padding, but it also greatly improves the functionality in terms of everyday usage.

At the top of the list are clever design features such as neat side pockets, 2 cup holders that are able to keep a grip not only on cups but also serve as a storage for small items, ans 2 USB ports on the left side. Made entirely accessible, the ports allow you to charge your devices without interrupting your evening lounge time.

The Real Relax Massage Chair is a remote controlled recliner designed to provide pain relief on many levels through both full body massage and individual treatment. In terms of installation, this model ensures a greater easy of assembly and use. Thanks to its 2 pre-assembled back wheels, the chair is easy to maneuver in both home and office settings.

By offering both heating and vibration action, this Real Relax recliner creates a perfect environment for alleviating all types of common muscle aches, while the full body massage function ensures no afflicted area of your body is missed out on.

With 4 automatic presets, the massage function allows you to experience different levels of vibration intensity depending on how much physical therapy your body requires at any given point. You can use the remote control to choose between Strong, Relaxing, Sleep, and Mild programs.

The sleep mode in particular proves to be a rather useful option for elderly family members that require brief moments of rest during the day since the mild massaging action doesn’t create a distraction but merely soothes the body and mind into a state of relaxation.

What makes the massage function of this chair even more effective is its ability to switch between the areas of application. As such, you can control the massage rollers and 30 dedicated air bags by individual selection, engaging only the ones you need in the moment, whether it’s for your neck, back, waist, shoulders, arms, hips, calves, or feet.

In addition, the dedicated leg rollers are able to sooth muscle stress and fatigue in your legs, calves, and feet which is a particularly important feature for those spending a lot of time on their feet at work or doing household chores. For added flexibility, the foot rest can be extended by 5.5 inches.

Another highly beneficial health feature is the heating pads located in the foot and waist sections of the chair since those are the areas of the body that suffer the most strain during an active day.

Located on either side of the ergonomic seat, the 2 plush armrests provide desired support for your arms even during full body recline. The exterior itself is completed with easy-to-clean faux leather finish in classic black, following the smooth lines of the unit’s sleek modern design.

And last but not least, the integrated Zero Gravity function is able to support your body in full recline, taking off the pressure off your back and normalizing your blood pressure and heart rate. The chair supports up to 400 pounds of weight and accommodates the height of 6’3’’.

If you are looking for a therapeutic massage experience without preferably making a big dent in your budget, this Real Relax recliner qualifies with flying colors and fits for the regular use for all members of the family.

The Signature Design chair by Ashley Furniture Industries is a contemporary recliner with a high performance output and powerful lift mechanism. Ashley Yandel Furniture is a veteran manufacturer that has proven itself over the past 70 years of market presence, delivering capable, stylish, and reliable products.

Equipped with a dual motor system, this Signature Design recliner supports powerful lift action with adjustable back recline and efficient pull-out footrest. You can initiate the lifting function manually with a simple touch of a button and enjoy the full lounge experience as the chair lets you lean back while at the same time elevating your legs at the maximum possible height of 19.50 inches.

The intelligent design of this recliner has been devised to provide maximum support for your body with its thick padded seat and armrest cushions, high backrest, and the smooth faux leather finish.

The accessible assembly of this model ensures an easy installation and improves portability, allowing the unit to fit through doorways 30 inches wide and higher. This, however, does not limit the generous dimensions of the relaxation space, with the seat measuring at 20 inches in height and the full-recline length measuring at 69 inches in length.

The combination of its soft saddle brown upholstery and corner blocked frame with a steel-reinforced seat support makes this recliner both extremely reliable and stylish in its contemporary appearance.

The Kahuna LM-6800 is a recliner with an L-Track massage system and heating therapy. This recliner offers not only a variety of massage and heating settings, but also provides a full body scan to automatically detect the areas of your spine and limbs that may need special attention.

With its 3-stage Zero Gravity system and a wide range of specialized massage techniques, this high efficiency recliner chair delivers ideal conditions for full body relaxation and pin-point pain relief. The customizable set of controls allows you to select the appropriate massage intensity and speed as well as turn the heating feature on and off.

Out of 6 available presets, the most innovative are the Yoga stretching program and SH-Chiro program aimed to promote blood circulation and relieve deep tissue stress.

The heating function helps with especially nasty aches in the waist and lower back areas, while the zero gravity feature removes the strain exercised upon your spine and legs. Moreover, dedicated leg rollers ensure your calves and legs are sufficiently soothed after a long day of work.

Armed with space-saving construction that requires only 3 inches of swing space from the wall during recline, this chair will fit just right in your living room or home office. To improve upon its smart functionality, Kahuna completes the recline with beautiful brown leather upholstery and sleek modern silhouette.

The BestMassage EC-06 Massage Chair is a top performing recliner with a range of features designed to improve your general health including regular back pain and muscle fatigue.

The recliner comes with 4 massage application settings—overall, shoulder, back, and waist—any of which can be selected via remote control. Moreover, you can choose the settings based on the type of therapy you need done, whether it’s Fatigue Recovery, Pain Relieving, or Comfortable Move.

Each setting can be timed for shutdown between 10 and 30 minutes. In addition, you can control the intensity of vibration and stretch based on what your body requires most in the moment.

The portable control panel is equipped with a large screen, displaying all features clearly and allowing you to see the personalized diagram of the problematic areas in your spine and limbs.

In addition to full recline and massage of individual zones, the chair provides a heat therapy system for your lower back and the soles of your feet. This is an especially useful feature for senior members of your family who might need some extra relief for joint and back pains.

In Conclusion

What is the best brand of lift chairs?

As there are an abundance of brands that offer lift chair models for all sorts of purposes, it is generally impossible to narrow the entire field down to a single manufacturer. Among the top leading brands today are AmeriGlide, Med-Lift, UltraComfort, and Jackson Furniture.

What is the average cost of a lift chair?

The price very much depends on the brand recognition, available features, and the assembly itself. On average, lift chairs can vary between $400 and $900 not counting luxury top-end models.

Do lift chairs recline?

Most lift chairs come with built-in recline mechanisms that allow for 2-position, 3-position, or infinite-position reclining movement. Lift chairs also tend to tie the lifting mechanism of their footrests to the main reclining action which gives you extra freedom in position adjustment.

How much is the perfect sleep chair?

The Perfect Sleep Chair as a brand asks a considerable sum for the level of quality that their product delivers. Depending on the location as well as a few other markers, the price ranges from ‎$1,999 to $2,499.

What are lift chairs used for?

Unlike regular recliners, lift chairs provide the necessary assistance in helping a person to stand up when they are unable to do so on their own. Also commonly referred to as power lift recliners, lift chairs are equipped with electric motors that power the lifting motion and generally support considerable amounts of weight.

What is a 3 position lift chair?

Even though it might sound like the most logical conclusion, the number found in the name does not refer to the total number of fixed recline positions a chair may have. Instead it is meant to denote the availability of certain positions. As such, a 3 position lift chair allows you to relax in a sleeping position, a standard straight position, and what is called a “TV recline” position.

What is a 3 way recliner?

When you see a piece of furniture described as a 3 way recliner, you may safely assume you are looking at a lift chair with 3 positions. It is common to refer to 3 position lift chairs by alternative names, of which a 3 way recliner is one.

What is a zero gravity lift chair?

Lift chairs that come with a zero gravity feature are generally more flexible in terms of reclining adjustability while also promoting healthier relaxation habits. Zero gravity lift chairs are equipped with mechanized seats that provide necessary tilt and lift action, similar to something one may find in a high-end adjustable car seat. This technology is considered to be beneficial for the health of your spine and cardiovascular system.

Are lift chairs good for elderly?

Lift chairs are generally a good tool for making everyday life a much more enjoyable experience for elderly family members. Most lift chairs can assist a person in getting up and down which gives the user a greater control of movement, meaning there is no need to ask for outside help too frequently. Whether you are on a mission to pick the right recliner for an elderly relative or yourself, it is always best to consult a healthcare professional first. The current market provides a multitude of choices for various health and mobility issues, meaning there will most certainly be a model suitable for your exact needs.

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