Recliners For Big And Tall

Top-3 Recliners for Big and Tall People

Recliners for big and tall occupy a very special niche on the market. After all, those with larger frames and taller than average can be considered as people with special needs. And these people need special kind of recliners to feel comfortable.

It’s no secret that the majority of recliner chairs are made for people who are smaller or on the average side. Using a recliner chair that doesn’t support your weight or height isn’t just extremely uncomfortable. It can make your back pain issues go from bad to worse. This is why it’s so important to buy an oversized recliner that can easily transform from one position to another, not make you feel like you are squeezed between the armrests, and not have your feet dangling over the edge. Thankfully, many manufacturers design chairs specifically for big and tall customers. Chairs like this normally have higher and wider backrests, wide seats, extra padding made of quality high-density foam, and heavy-duty frames.

Things to consider before buying a recliner for big and tall

After you decide you can’t do without an oversized recliner, don’t hurry to make a purchase. Because chairs like this tend to come with hefty price tags and you’d definitely want them to last for years, there are a few important things to consider before money changes hands.


Learn about the exact dimensions of the chair you want to buy to make sure they will fit your body type. Apart from the usual width, depth, and height measurements, pay special attention to the width, depth, and height of the seat, backrest height and the total length of the chair in a reclined position. And even if you know all these measurements, it would be best to try the chair out in person.


Make sure that the chair’s frame is made of quality heavy-duty materials. Hardwood, reinforced stainless steel, reliable hardware is what you want to look for. If your choice is an electric recliner, it might be best to look for a chair with dual motors.

Quality upholstery

One of the most important things to consider is a durable and practical cover that’s easy to clean and that doesn’t wear easily. Top-grain leather is, of course, the best choice as it’s extremely durable. However, authentic leather covers add to the product’s price significantly. If that’s an issue, look for high-quality faux leather or microfiber covers.


Thick and soft is not everything padding should be. It also must be made of high-quality material that doesn’t sag or form lumps over time.

Review of the Recliners For Big And Tall

This oversized recliner is so large and comfortable it can easily accommodate two people. Hogan Oversized Recliner by Ashley Furniture Signature Design manages to combine a classic and modern feel with a great deal of grace. The polyester microfiber cover is soft and luxurious-looking, just like authentic leather. And at the same time, it’s sturdy enough to withstand years of regular use. 

The chair is generously cushioned with high-resiliency foam padding. Most importantly, it’s supported by an extremely sturdy wood & steel frame.

This is a very basic but extremely comfortable, high-quality recliner that offers great value for money. When you need a sturdy chair for a larger person that can offer both enhanced comfort and enhanced reliability, this is one of the options to consider. 

Simmons Upholstery Madeline Power Cuddler Recliner features rich-colored plush microfiber cover, ample padding all over the backrest, armrests, and footrest and sturdy hardwood frame to support up to 400 lbs of weight.

Ashley Furniture pieces are well-known for their quality and great performance, and this oversized recliner isn’t an exception. The chair looks stunningly elegant thanks to the quality faux leather cover that feels velvety and looks just like authentic leather. Thick padding, especially the headrest, lumbar and armrest pillows, look incredibly comfortable. And the polished metal nailhead trim on the armrests is a very elegant classic touch. 

Since it’s a manual recliner, you can easily kick back by pulling at the lever on the side.

If you are looking for a recliner that’s not as wide as a sofa but still nicely oversized to accommodate a larger person, this chair is a great option to take a note of. Homelegance Laurelton Microfiber Glider Recliner is luxuriously comfortable thanks to the plump cushions on the extra-wide wingback backrest and armrests. The plush microfiber cover adds to the chair’s comfort as well, and it’s wonderfully stain-resistant and liquid-repellant. 

This chair is in a mid-range price category but still can offer great value for your money. While it doesn’t come with lots of fancy bells and whistles, Lane Home Furnishings POWER CUDDLER RECLINER can provide ultimate comfort and is extremely reliable to boot. 

Wide enough to fit a cuddling couple or a larger person, the chair offers generous padding and the exquisite softness of faux leather cover. Besides, it moves very smoothly thanks to power controls. All you have to do is push a button. What’s more, it’s perfect for comfortable sleeping.

Out of all oversized recliners on this list, Christopher Knight Home Hana Recliner is the most simple-looking piece, which explains the lower price. It offers a more modest aesthetic with straight lines and no visibly overstuffed padding. However, this is a great piece for its price, being sturdy enough to support a taller person. 

This chair features a poly microfiber cover that has that classic feel of faux leather and is very easy to clean. One of the best features it offers is a maximum reclining angle of up to 140 degrees, which is quite comfortable for sleeping.

This chair is an oversized version of a basic, classic recliner chair we all know and love. While not being extra-wide, it still offers a great deal of comfort thanks to the sturdy construction and thick cushioning. Domesis Gresham – Cotton Wall Hugger Reclining Chair is clearly designed to provide that snuggly feeling to larger users, no matter which position they choose.

And it’s a wall-hugger too, so it won’t take a lot of floor space. The chair is perfect for living rooms and will look great in any interior thanks to luxuriously soft cotton & microfiber cover.

This is a recliner that doesn’t only offer decent support for a larger person but is sturdy and strong enough to provide gentle, soothing rocking motion. Considering the fact that not every oversized recliner can boast this feature, it’s a great bonus indeed.

ACME Furniture Recliner, Corduroy isn’t too classy but looks very appealing thanks to the soft, warm-colored corduroy upholstery and impressively large cushions.

This chair easily falls into the budget-friendly category and offers great value for its price. It has pretty much everything you need in an oversized classic recliner minus unnecessary high-end additions. The soft and durable faux leather upholstery looks like real top-grain leather with a slightly distressed finish. The padding is very soft and thick, especially on the headrest and armrest areas but at the same time firm enough to offer decent support for your body. 

As all oversized chairs, Simmons Upholstery 3-Way Rocker Recliner features a very strong frame that combines quality hardwood and steel components.


Should feet hang over recliner?

No, they should not. If your feet are dangling over the edge of the footrest, the recliner’s size isn’t right for you. You know when the recliner chair is the correct size when your feet are firmly placed on the floor (in the upright position) or properly supported by the footrest (in a reclined position).

What is the widest recliner?

Out of the list above, Hogan Oversized Recliner by Ashley Furniture Signature Design and Lane Home Furnishings POWER CUDDLER RECLINER are the widest chairs with an overall width of 59 and 58 inches respectively. However, Ashley Furniture Signature Design Austere Manual Oversized Recliner and Christopher Knight Home Hana Recliner have the widest distance between armrests, 34 and 39.5 inches respectively.

What is the best recliner for a tall person?

Based on the general quality of construction, comfort features, size, and price, I can say that Hogan Oversized Recliner by Ashley Furniture Signature Design from the list presented above is the best recliner for taller people. Many customers note that its size and length are perfectly comfortable for people over 6 feet tall.

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