Recliners For Back Pain With Lumbar Support

Top-3 Recliners For Back Pain with Lumbar Support

A recliner with good lumbar support is something many people need in their life. You don’t necessarily have to be a person with limited mobility or serious health issues to all the benefits they can offer. By reclining in a comfortable chair, you ease your muscles, relax your body and this helps soothing pain, relieving tension and increase the blood flow to your lower back and your legs. Anyone who knows how it feels to spend a long day on feet can appreciate a recliner with lumbar support. 

All recliner chairs provide varied levels of lumbar support. In case this feature is something you are looking for in the first place, pay attention to extra padding/ added cushions in the lumbar area. Lumbar heating might be a great feature to look for as well.

Types of recliners with lumbar support and their benefits

  1. Lumbar support and adjustable footrest that lifts your legs allow relaxing your lower back and spine muscles. This helps soothing back pain in most cases. 
  2. In case you experience blood circulation issues that come with the unpleasant sensation of numbness in your limbs, recliners with vibration massage and heating functions can be of great help. They’ll also help to alleviate pain caused by a pinched nerve by reducing tension in your spine muscles.
  3. Overstuffed backrests, seats, and footrests, as well as detachable lumbar cushions, offer great support for your body and take away any soreness and ache you feel after a hectic day at work.
  4. If your pain and muscle soreness makes it hard for you to get out of your chair without assistance, a power lift recliner would be a great option to consider. Thanks to a powered mechanism, this type of chair will smoothly lift and tilt forward to help you stand on your feet. 
  5. Recliners with swivel feature give you more mobility and recliners with a rocking/gliding mechanism provide a gentle, soothing motion to help you relax and fall asleep.
  6. Zero gravity recliners can recline further back than classic chairs of this type, lifting your legs above your heart level (and sometimes even above your head). This position is extremely efficient when it comes to alleviating back pain and muscle tension.

Things to Consider Before purchasing a Recliner for Back Pain


Recliner chairs come in all styles and sizes and with various sets of features. They can cost anything from $300 to several thousand. This is why it’s so important to decide which features come first for you and which ones are of secondary importance or unnecessary. Once you make up your mind, shop for options online to form an idea of an approximate price range.

Personal needs

Do you just want a comfortable chair that will help you relax after a hard day at work? Maybe you experience minor back pain and muscle tension? Or perhaps you have chronic pain? It’s important to decide what exactly you need this recliner chair for. If you only need a basic recliner to help you relax, you might want to opt for a cheaper classic option. But if you need a piece with advanced features like power lift, massage, zero gravity, you might find that you’ll have to pay a little more.

Recliner type

Based on the type of mechanism, recliners can be manual or powered. Manual recliners have levels you’ll have to pull to make the chair fall back and the footrest pop up. When using a manual recliner, you’ll most likely have to kick the footrest down when you want to return to the upright position. This means that manual recliners requite a bit more physical effort to operate. Power recliners will do everything for you upon a single push of a button on the chair itself or on the remote control. They, however, will require a power supply to work. Apart from that, recliner chairs can be defined by features like power lift, swivel, rocking/gliding, zero gravity, wall hugger and some others.

Size, style, cover

After you’ve decided on the budget, what you need a recliner for and on what type of recliner you need, you’ll have to think whether it will fit into your room interior and floor space. Take measurements before you go shopping for your perfect chair. Make sure that its upholstery is not only stylish but also practical. Think of color options that will look well in your interior.

Added features

Extra features aren’t essential for your comfort but they can add to it nicely. Chargers for your mobile devices, storage space, cup holders, speakers, and other extra features are nice things to have with your recliner chair. However, they sometimes add to the chair’s price as well.


Review of the Recliners For Back Pain With Lumbar Support

When it comes to aesthetics, this chair looks as classic as can be. Rectangle silhouette and oversized cushions on the armrests and the backrest don’t make it stand out among lots and lots of other classic recliners. At the same time, once you get more familiar with it, Relaxzen Massage Rocker Recliner proves that it has much to offer.

The plush soft microfiber this chair is covered in makes it luxuriously comfortable. It’s certainly great to know that it’s also anti-skid, durable, and very easy to clean. 

But what brings its comfort to a whole new level is the vibration massage function. 8 vibration/massage nodes placed all over the chair’s surface will help you relax. Besides, there is also a lumbar heating function that efficiently soothes back pain.

This chair is one of the more expensive options on this list and you can tell why just by looking at it. If you are prepared to pay a little more for enhanced comfort and durability, then this might be a great choice for you. 

Signature Design by Ashley Barling Power Recliner offers that classic look so many people know and love. Generously sized, with wide backrest featuring wingback cushions to support your shoulders, it feels just as comfy as it looks. It’s hard not to appreciate the ample padding on the armrests, the headrest, and the lumbar area.

While this chair doesn’t offer many added features aside from the basic reclining feature, it has something that users with back pain might find extremely valuable. Using the remote controller, you can easily adjust the headrest and lower back support to get into a position that feels the most comfortable for you.

If you can’t afford  to spend too much on a recliner but in desperate need of the comfort these chairs offer, consider this option. BONZY HOME Air Leather Recliner Chair does offer great value for money and might impress you with the features it has.

One of the first things that catch the eye is the bonded leather cover. Being a combination of authentic leather and synthetic leather, bonded leather offers the look and feel of the real thing while being easier to maintain. Another thing many users might appreciate is thick cushions in all the areas you need them: the headrest, backrest, lower back area, and the rolled armrests.

This chair is operated manually, which means it has a lever on the side you’ll have to pull to make it fall back. It reclines as far as 160 degrees. While this angle doesn’t make it a space-saving option, it offers a great deal of comfort for sleeping.

This chair proves the fact that a low price shouldn’t mean lower quality and less comfort. Thanks to its enhanced functionality, great adjustability, and overall quality, MAGIC UNION Power Lift Massage Recliner is one of the best value for money options you can find on the market today. 

In terms of aesthetics, it looks classic, which will undoubtedly appeal to many customers. It’s one of those design types that blend well into any interior style without sticking out like a sore thumb. It’s amply padded and the overstuffed headrest pillow is certainly a nice touch that feels extremely comfortable, especially when you kick back and relax. 

But one of this chair’s most prominent features by far is the vibration and massage function. Thanks to the 8 in-built motors cleverly placed under the backrest, seat, and footrest, you can get a relaxing full-body massage. What’s more, the lumbar heating function is great for alleviating the tension and pain you feel in the lower back.

This chair is easily one of the most attractive options on the modern recliner chair market. Being quite a reasonably priced chair, Esright Power Lift Chair provides all the functionality you might need from a recliner, especially if you are looking for a chair with good lumbar support.

It’s safe to say it’s one of the most attractive-looking chairs on this list. It offers a well-loved classic aesthetic with oversized, solid design, luxuriously soft PU leather cover and thick cushions. It’s nice to see the wider backrest that doesn’t just provide great support for your head, neck, and back but takes care of your shoulders too. While this might seem like a minor thing, it certainly enhances your comfort.

And it’s great that for this low price, this chair also provides the relaxing massage/lumbar heating features and the power lift feature. They make it a great option for people with limited mobility and those suffering from back pain.

Here’s yet another Esright family product offering great value for a very reasonable price. Unlike the previous item from the same manufacturer, this one is a manual recliner chair that offers smooth and gentle rocking and swiveling functions.

Like many recliners with a lower price tag, it features synthetic leather cover. While it might not have all the durability and luxury of the real thing, it still feels and looks great and is very practical. 

Being a manual recliner it doesn’t feature any level to pull at: you’ll have to press against the backrest with your back to make it recline and the footrest will pop up automatically. However, it does have electricity-powered features of massage and lumbar heating. The chair comes with an easy to use remote controller to adjust the massage and heating functions to your liking.

This chair might look similar to many other recliners on the market but it’s only because this style and design are quite popular with customers. No surprise there: this classic silhouette and generous padding do look very appealing. 

U-MAX Recliner Power Lift Chair is a power recliner, which means that it comes with a power cord and needs a power source to operate. Thankfully, operating it is extremely easy thanks to two remotes for reclining/lifting and massage/heating functions. Using the remotes, you can easily adjust the timing, modes, and intensity of the massage. 

Taking into consideration its more than reasonable price, this chair can be a great choice in case buying a high-end recliner isn’t an option for you.

This is another affordable chair with a surprising level of functionality. Homegear Power Lift Electric Recliner Chair is one of those recliners that might be perfect for smaller people but it’s still sturdy enough to offer a lot of comfort to the majority of customers. 

Those who are thinking of buying a reliable recliner with lumbar support might appreciate the thick padding on the backrest. The thick high-density foam filler is just soft and firm enough to offer great support for your body and enhanced comfort at the same time.

As many power recliners, this one provides a power lift function and massage/lumbar heating features that are certainly a great bonus when you need to soothe back pain.


What recliner has the best lumbar support?

Considering the multitude of options on the market, choosing the best lumbar support chair isn’t an easy task. Besides, it depends on each individual user what set of features and functions is truly the best. However, based on factors like price, value, features and overall quality I’d choose Esright Power Lift Chair over other options on the list above.

It really is an amazing chair. Being quite affordable, it offers great aesthetics, premium faux leather cover and a set of features to help with lower back issues. Most importantly, it offers massage and lumbar area heating function and a power lift feature for those times your back pain doesn’t let you stand up without help.

Are recliners good for back pain?

Yes, they are. A reclining position allows relaxing muscles and increasing the blood flow to lower back and legs. This relieves pain, tension, feeling of numbness significantly. And it’s not a mere assertion. A study confirms that reclining position (with your back reclines to 135-140 degrees) is optimal for alleviating back pain.

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