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Sometimes certain health conditions, such as locomotor system disorders, sleep disorders or sleep apnea make sleeping in a bed problematic at best and near to impossible at worst. Some people with limited mobility, temporary or permanent, find it extremely hard to move between a bed and a chair. That’s when lay flat recliners can benefit you immensely.

Benefits of using a lay flat recliner

While lay flat recliners are specifically designed for sleeping, among other things, many people have doubts as to how good it can be for their health. Some argue that this might not be as beneficial as manufacturers claim, because while lying down in a recliner, you can’t comfortably change your body position. On the other hand, certain researches say that sleeping in a lay flat recliner chair has no harmful impact on a person’s body. 

Be it as it may, there are undeniable benefits of sleeping in a lay flat recliner:

it soothes the pain

Whether you are just often getting tired after a long busy day or have long-standing health issues, reclining or lying back in a recliner chair helps relax your muscles. This way, they provide relief for the pain and stress in your muscles and joints.

it helps to ease indigestion

For example, when in a reclined position, you can avoid the highly unpleasant sensations connected with acid reflux. This is thanks to the fact that in this position your stomach is placed at a lower level than your esophagus.

it helps to breathe more freely

Sleep apnea is a common issue and quite often you can’t get rid of it sleeping in a bed, even if you prop yourself up on some pillows. Thanks to the great back support a recliner provides, you can breathe easier.

it improves blood circulation

If you often feel the unpleasant sensation of heaviness and numbness in your feet, lay flat recliners can help you immensely. Thanks to the fact that you can kick all the way back and lift your legs up to the level of your heart, your blood circulation improves and pain and unpleasant sensations go away.

it helps de-stressing

Reclining in a chair is a generally calming, relaxing experience.

As for the disadvantages of sleeping in a lay flat recliner, they can be mostly attributed to the low quality of the furniture piece you are using. If the construction is unstable, if the filler sags and can’t support your body well, you will hardly be able to experience all the benefits the reclining experience can provide. This is why it’s extremely important to choose your lay flat recliner with care and after taking all the important factors into consideration.

Review of the Lay Flat Recliners

Good adjustability and support is a must for a quality lay flat recliner. This chair delivers on both aspects and does much more. NM-101 Mega Motion Juno Ultimate Power Recliner might look somewhat modest with this classic wingback design and rolled armrests. But it might pleasantly surprise you once you start using it. 

The cover is a soft plush microfiber of a rich warm color. It doesn’t seem very fancy but is durable enough to withstand long-term use. Besides, the padding is generous enough, with high-density filler and cushions for the head, neck, and lumbar support.

But it’s adjustability that makes this chair so outstanding. Thanks to dual motors, this recliner makes it possible to adjust the backrest and the footrest independently. Using a remote control, you can go into any position you find comfortable smoothly and effortlessly. What’s more, it not only reclines to a fully flat position but allows lifting your legs above the level of your heart, creating a so-called zero gravity position. It’s immensely beneficial for those who experience back pains and blood circulation issues.

The chair is also great for people with limited mobility, thanks to the smooth and easy power lift feature. 

Nice added features like pockets on the side of the chair and a USB charger make it even more comfortable to use.

This is one of those options that manages to combine a reasonable price, decent quality and enhanced functionality. It certainly looks appealing thanks to the classic wingback design that provides great support not only for your back and neck but also your shoulders. The brass nailhead trim is a nice touch adding to its classic aesthetic.

While the cover looks and feels like genuine leather, it’s not. The chair is upholstered in PU (polyurethane) leather, which makes it easier to clean and maintain. The padding looks attractively ample, especially on the backrest, in the lumbar area and on the armrests.

The looks are not everything that can speak in this chair’s favor, though. Being a lay flat recliner, it offers great adjustability and will move to any position you want, from upright to semi-reclined to fully flat. What’s more, it has a power lift feature too to help you get out of the chair with ease. Dual motor allows adjusting the backrest and the footrest independently. And all that can be done with a single push of a button, which is especially valuable to those who find applying any amount of physical effort problematic.

When it comes to recliners with extended adjustability, which all lay flat recliners are, reliability and design quality are very important factors. This is exactly what this chair can offer, being quite an affordable, fuss-free option at the same time.

The plush microfiber cover and thick cushioning make it look very cozy and it certainly feels that way as well. No matter which position you choose, you’ll feel the comfy support of that extra padded backrest and cushioned armrests. The filler is soft but firm enough to offer decent support without sagging. 

It should be noted that the sturdy wood & metal frame allows for enhanced sturdiness. The chair can accommodate up to 360 pounds of weight. Along with the extended footrest, this makes it great for larger and taller users. 

It’s a three-position chair that goes into a semi-reclined position comfortable for TV watching or reading, reclines fully to let you have some sound sleep and lifts up to allow you to stand up without any assistance. You can adjust it to any position using the remote control. 

A roomy storage pocket on the side of the armrest is not a major feature but can certainly be appreciated for the added convenience it offers.

Catnapper Cloud 12 Power Chaise Recliner is one of those options that can catch your eye at first sight. It’s undoubtedly a high-quality piece and though it might seem pricier than your regular recliner, the quality and reliability it offers are worth it. After all, this is what you are looking for when you want to buy a lay flat recliner.

It’s hard not to notice the overstuffed padding all over the backrest, armrests, seat, and the footrest. Thanks to the strong tufting, the cushions provide ultimate comfort and are more than capable of providing the support your body needs so much. The chair is upholstered in luxuriously plush fabric, so soft and nice to the touch it makes it hard not to want to stay in this chair forever. This type of cover is very durable too, which certainly is a great advantage.

Otherwise, it’s quite a straightforward lay flat recliner, simple in terms of functionality. It doesn’t have any added features and doesn’t come with remote control. You can use the buttons on the side of the chair to recline or go back into the upright position. However, it does offer the reinforced frame and construction sturdy enough to make it good for many years of everyday use.

Things to do and consider before buying a lay flat recliner

In case you are absolutely positive you do need a lay flat recliner, there are still some things to do and to think through before actually making the purchase.

Things to do

Things to consider

What type of a lay flat recliner do you want?

Recliner chairs often come with a multitude of features. A lay flat recliner can also have a swivel function, it might have a rocking/gliding mechanism or it might have a power lift feature. Consider which one of these you want to have and which ones are unnecessary.

How sturdy and durable is it?

A quality lay flat recliner must have a robust frame and durable upholstery. Look for quality solid wood/plywood and reinforced steel frames and high-quality cover fabrics. Make sure that all the materials used to made the chair are non-toxic. Don’t forget to take into consideration the chair’s weight capacity.

Manual recliner or power recliner?

Manual recliners don’t have power cords and don’t require any power supply but you’ll have to apply some physical effort to adjust your chair. Power recliners move without any effort on your part and are usually operated using a remote control or buttons. They, however, will need to be plugged into an electric socket or batteries to work.

What kind of extra features do you prefer?

Some recliners come with massage, heating, vibration functions. While they are certainly a nice addition, they might affect the chair’s price significantly.

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