Budget Recliners

Top-3 Budget Recliners

A budget recliner might be easier to find than you think. While recliner chairs are generally more expensive than regular ones, the number of cheaper options keeps growing. This is thanks to the constantly increasing demand for chairs of this type. So today it’s more than possible to find a wide range of recliners with price tags well under $1000. 

It’s common to believe that lower price means low quality, bad performance, and short durability. While it’s not completely wrong, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to find a quality recliner at a lower price. Cheaper recliner chairs might have fabric upholstery of synthetic leather covers instead of authentic leather, they might have limited functionality compared to the high-end chairs but they are still reliable enough to last for years.

Types of recliners

Before making your purchase, it makes sense to learn more about recliners and types of recliner chairs. This will help you to make the decision as to how much exactly you want to invest in this purchase.

Classic two-position recliners

These are the most basic recliners out there with minimal adjustability and functionality. Subsequently, they are the cheapest too. As the name suggests, they only have two positions, an upright and a reclined one.

Electric recliners

Electric recliners, or power recliners, require electricity to operate. They are usually equipped with remotes or buttons to control the adjustments and functions. One of the greatest advantages of this type of recliners is that you don’t have to apply any physical force to move from one position to another.

Manual recliners

As opposed to electric recliners, manual control chairs don’t need power to transform into a reclined position and back. To recline, users have to pull at a latch or push at the backrest with their back to make the chair fall back. This type of recliner chairs usually comes at a lower price than electric ones.

Wall-saver recliners

Also called wall-huggers, these chairs allow saving quite a bit of floor space thanks to the fact they don’t recline all the way back. Usually, a wall-hugger recliner can be placed a few inches away from a wall.

Rocking (gliding) and swivel recliners

These chairs incorporate a mechanism that provides a slight rocking motion. These types of recliners are perfect for pregnant or nursing women, as well as people who have sleep issues. Swivel recliners rotate around their central axis and this way, offer enhanced mobility, which is especially valuable to people for whom repeated standing up/sitting down is a problem. Many recliners come with both rocking and swivel feature.

Lift recliners

These chairs don’t just recline back but can also lift and slightly incline forward to help users stand up on their feet. They are perfect for elderly people and anyone with impaired mobility.

Things to do before buying a budget recliner

A budget recliner doesn’t have to mean a cheaply made, subpar recliner. To make sure that the recliner of your choice is a good investment, do a little research before actually paying for it: 

  • Search online for available options within your preferred price range. 
  • Narrow your search down to a few options that you think suit you best. 
  • Compare prices and features of the options you’ve chosen.
  • Look for detailed reviews and testimonials on the chosen recliners on websites, forums, and boards. 
  • Visit several furniture shops in your area to find the recliner you’ve chosen (or the one with similar design and features).
  • Try it out: see if it feels comfortable for you, how easy it moves, if it’s stable, etc.

Review of the Budget Recliners

This is a very affordable chair for those who need a very basic recliner that will do its job well. It’s doesn’t offer any fancy features and doesn’t look particularly luxurious but it does what it’s supposed to with unfailing efficiency. 

Being a fairly small chair with a weight limit of 250 pounds, ACME Arcadia Chocolate Microfiber Recliner is clearly intended for smaller and lighter users. On the other hand, it’s sturdy enough and has a sufficiently strong frame to feel comfortable for larger people as well.

The chair is upholstered in sturdy microfiber fabric, which is very practical, and features thick padding all over the sitting area. To recline, you only need to pull at the latch on the side of an armrest and the footrest will pop up simultaneously.

Homall Single Recliner Chair is one of those recliners that combine a surprisingly low price with high-end design and quality. While, much like the previous item, this is a very basic recliner with no added features, it offers a distinctly modern design and looks exceptionally stylish thanks to the elegant silhouette and a high-quality PU leather cover that’s almost indistinguishable from genuine leather. 

One of the very appealing things about this chair is thick padding, especially the plump pillow on the headrest and generous cushioning on the footrest. 

It offers two reclining positions – at about 130-degree angle, for reading and watching TV and at a 150-degree angle for comfortable napping.

Monarch Specialties Recliner Chair is quite a simple and inexpensive recliner that doesn’t look simple or cheap at all. Thanks to its classic style it will probably fit into almost any interior and thanks to the quality synthetic leather upholstery it’s very practical as well.

This chair will make a great addition to a nursery room not only thanks to the enhanced comfort of overstuffed pillows but also to the gentle rocking motion it provides. Besides, a 360-degree swiveling feature offers more mobility while reclining or simply sitting down.

Apart from that, it’s a very straightforward recliner that offers two reclining positions and all the comfort of ample cushions when you kick back, lift your feet and relax completely.

This is one of those affordable recliners that offer the best value for your money. From design to durability to added features, it shows great quality. It might not be a luxurious high-end chair but it certainly looks and feels like one. 

All lovers of the classic design will appreciate its elegant and solid look with overstuffed padding, especially the thick pillows on the headrest and armrests. The upholstery is synthetic leather, soft and supple but durable, breathable and water-resistant.

It’s a manual control recliner with a pull lever hidden between the seat and an armrest, which is a nice safety touch. It also comes with a gliding and swivel mechanism that allows it to rock and rotate smoothly for your convenience.

But one of its greatest features is, of course, the 8-point vibration massage and lower back heating. These features are electricity-powered and can be adjusted using the user-friendly remote.

Here’s another basic, no-fuss recliner, with no fancy additions and designed for smaller users. At the same time, being quite a simple chair, it can offer a fair amount of comfort and quality for those who don’t want to break the bank but need a comfy chair for their nursery. 

As a recliner, this chair does its job well. Its extra-thick padding catches the eye at first glance and certainly enhances the chair’s comfort a great deal. The backrest is wide and well-padded enough to offer great support for your head, neck, and shoulders, as well as your back and lumbar area. 

Flash Furniture Contemporary Rocker Recliner provides a gentle, calming rocking motion (but keep in mind that it doesn’t rock when fully reclined). Besides, it reclines as far back as to allow you to take very comfortable naps.

This is a nice example of a simple recliner that will provide more comfort and quality at quite a modest price. Serta Power Recliner doesn’t look ultra-modern, nor does it have a wide range of high-end features, but it’s extremely comfortable and easy to use. 

What it offers is a rectangular classic silhouette, very generous padding, especially on that wide backrest and armrests and very soft velvety microfiber cover. It’s hard not to appreciate the snuggliness and warmth of the fabric that’s also anti-skid and water- and stain-resistant.

One of this chair’s most appealing features is its adjustability. By pushing a button on the side, you can lift the footrest without reclining the backrest. This is certainly very handy when you want to relax watching TV or reading a book.

When you think of a comfortable recliner, one of the first things that come into your mind is generous cushions and soft upholstery. This chair delivers on both counts with flying colors. Overstuffed padding, oversized wingback design, and plush upholstery will hardly leave anyone indifferent. What’s more, the cover is Champion microfiber. It’s a sturdy polyester material that’s water-repellant and stain-resistant, breathable and extremely easy to maintain.

It should be noted that while this chair’s frame is sturdy enough to support up to 300 lbs of weight, the chair is better suited for smaller users who are not too tall.  Apart from that, it’s a classic recliner with two reclined positions that might be quite attractive for those who want maximum quality at a lower price.

This is one of the more expensive options on this list, although it still remains within the “budget-friendly” category. ComHoma Leather Recliner Chair (H7137) might cost a little more than other chairs here, but it offers more for this money as well.  

It’s easy to see why it’s more of a mid-range than a low-priced product. There are wingback design and ample cushions to provide decent support for your back, neck, and shoulders. There is a soft bonded leather cover. Being the combination of genuine and synthetic leather, it provides the aesthetics and the feel of the real thing.

But what’s more important is what hides under the cover – a sturdy frame and a powerful motor capable of supporting both reclining and power lift functions. And of course, it’s impossible not to mention the massage and lumbar heating functions that enhance the chair’s comfort by a huge margin. For your convenience, it comes with two remotes for controlling the massage/heating and reclining/lift functions.

If you want a cheap recliner than has comfort written all over it, this might be a perfect pick for you. While it’s a very basic recliner chair without any high-end bells and whistles, Bonzy Home Air Leather Recliner Chair still has a very high-end aesthetic about it. It was clearly designed with users’ comfort in mind. These thick overstuffed cushions are designed to make you feel enveloped in comfort and relaxation. 

The manual control latch allows moving the backrest down and you can go to pretty much any position up to 150 degrees from there by pushing at the backrest with your back. 

While this chair looks pretty solid and oversized with a wider backrest and seat, it will most likely feel small for those who are 6 ft tall and taller.

This is yet another great option for all lovers of traditional design, simplicity, and reasonable prices. Divano Roma Bonded Leather Recliner Chair easily proves that nothing can look as dramatic and eye-catching as timeless classics. Luxuriously soft bonded leather cover and generously padded cushions contribute to this elegant classic aesthetic a great deal.

Otherwise, the chair is as simple as a recliner can be. There are no added luxury features that would only impact the price. What you get instead is maximized comfort and very sturdy construction with a heavy-duty frame and a strong, thick steel mechanism. This chair is made to last for years, which is certainly a good thing to know when you are buying a budget product.

This surprisingly inexpensive chair blends traditional style and contemporary design to a great effect. Square-framed, nicely padded, featuring a high backrest with plump cushioning, it looks stunningly expensive for such a modestly-priced piece. 

Thanks to the great-looking sturdy microfiber cover, it’s eye-catching enough to become a statement piece in almost any interior. And this cover is very practical too, made of durable microfiber that repels liquids and staining and is anti-skid and isn’t prone to felting.

It’s a manual control recliner, which means that you don’t have to bother yourself with looking for a power source or batteries. The chair reclines easily at a single pull of a side lever an the footrest pops up automatically at the same time. 

Dual cup holders placed on each armrest are a nice touch that makes this chair perfect for living rooms, entertainment rooms, man caves, and home cinemas.


Who makes the best quality recliner chairs?

The competition on the recliner chair market is massive. Because of a great many manufacturers and a huge number of products they offer, it’s extremely hard to determine which brand is the best. While some brands might excel in certain aspects, other ones outperform in others. However, it’s possible to single out a few brands, based on their popularity, the quality of their products and the availability of budget-friendly options. These brands are: La-Z-Boy - the brand has long become a household name and offers a wide range of recliners, mostly manufactured in the US. Ashley Furniture is one of the largest furniture-producing brands in the world well-known for its reasonably priced and high-quality recliners. Among other reputable brands, there are Esright, Catnapper, Flash Furniture, and others.

What is the average cost of a recliner?

The price of a recliner largely depends on many factors like brand, quality, adjustability, and some others. Because the recliner market is so saturated with all kinds and types of chairs, prices range from $300 to $5000 on average.

What are the most comfortable recliners?

Comfort is a very personal concept. What feels comfortable to you might not feel the same to others, and vice versa. However, there are certain factors that contribute to the level of comfort: adjustability: number of reclining positions, ability to adjust different parts of the chair (headrest, footrest, backrest, lumbar area) independently; upholstery: high-quality upholstery that’s both durable and nice to the touch is important for a user’s comfort; padding: filler material must be soft enough to feel comfortable and firm enough to provide the necessary level of support; frame: quality frame must be stable and offer a gentle motion each time your chair reclines, lifts, swivels, or rocks. Based on these parameters, I think that Esright Massage Recliner Chair and Bonzy Home Air Leather Recliner Chair are the most comfortable options on the list above. While both chairs are lacking in terms of adjustability, they both feature high-quality upholstery, ample padding, and sturdy, heavy-duty frames.

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